January 7, 2015

2015: One Week In

2014 was probably one of the hardest - physically and emotionally draining year for me. The country didn't fare much better either and the year ended on a devastating note for many affected by the floods in the East Coast for the family and friends of those on-board Air Asia flight QZ 8501.

But life goes on and we move on with our daily lives until another curve ball comes along. The difference this time is that we take the lessons we learnt the last twelve months and see how best to dodge and avoid getting hit again.

We are now one week into 2015 and the last seven days has been good to me and the family. I am trying to block out the worse bits of 2014 but the year did see me do a little bit more of something I love - craft, and here are some of the highlights:

I gave my little girl her best birthday last year which I hope to trump that this year. Right now, I am waiting for her to decide on a theme which should roll around a week before her birthday {... gah!}. I'm also hoping my little man has a theme too because mama does not want to play guess-what-the-baby-wants-for-his-birthday-theme with grandma.

I also got to plan and design one dinner party and one birthday party which I thoroughly loved but wished I had more time to design - blame the OCD in me.

The husband and I finally got around to fixing up our little girl's room and I finally managed to de-clutter some bits of the house. It is amazing how much crap two kids can hoard. Fortunately, mama is a champion de-clutter-er.

The finale was definitely our Christmas tree which the kids loved although I think they preferred their presents more {... duh!}.

For 2015, I think I'm going to focus a little more on me. I don't do resolutions because I can never find the time to implement them but if I had to choose three ... it'll be to craft more, so I can put more smiles of the faces of others; to a healthier me, so I can keep up with my kids and #daretobegorgeous; to really forget and let go of the past hauntings so I can be a happier person.

What's yours? I hope your 2015 started off awesome and continues to be so.

Hugs to all!