December 3, 2014

Wicked Christmas Kissed Brownies

Last weekend, we went to our local supermarket for a belated-Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping. On our list were the usual potatoes, tomatoes ... you know, healthy food. Then right before check-out, I see these ...

Hershey's Kisses are ridiculously priced here where I live and I do mean ridiculous with a capital R, which is why I usually give them a miss. But when I see Hershey's all decked up in Christmas colours and flavours, I usually cave ... which is what happened ... even when each pack cost me a whopping RM14.99. I know - ouch.

And to pile on the damage and add to our impending horizontal expanding waistlines, I baked this later in the evening. I call it the Wicked Christmas Kissed Brownies.

The family love their brownies, especially the husband when you add a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side but since this is not an everyday sort of flavour, they loved it even more. The husband enjoyed the minty truffle bits while the kids went for the candy cane bits. Me, I'm just happy they finished it before I can pile on the pounds to my jiggly bits ... before Christmas.

Looks like we have a Christmas dessert winner so more Wickedly Decadent Christmas Kissed Brownies will definitely be baked this month - shouldn't be too damaging to my wallet since I hid both packets deep in the refrigerator from the kids {... and the husband :-) }.