December 30, 2014

Post Christmas in Our Home

Christmas in our home was as planned ... blissfully quiet with simple decorations and plenty of good food. With a crazily packed few weeks in the office right before the holidays, I couldn't craft or decorate as much as I wanted to but all in all, I think it was just enough - like we planned.

Gorgeous paper paperwhites by one of my favourite designers - Lia Griffith. It's one of the simplest holiday projects I did this year ... I ended up making two - one for our living room and one for the kitchen.

A simple little Christmas vignette on top my dad's vintage typewriter, inspired by Pinterest using my kid's 2013 Christmas edition LEGO truck, a bottle brush tree and bakers twine.

I could not resist this beautiful pop-up version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at the Big Bad Wolf annual book sale this year. It is gorgeous!

... and the best, for last. Our Christmas tree. 

We wanted to get a bigger tree from Ikea but with my mad schedule, I thought it best to stick to our trusty 3' two decade old tree. Anyhow, if you're wondering about the decorations on the tree for your next Christmas {never too early to plan, right?}, the source list is below.

You will need a Silhouette's software and an online account with them to download the nutcracker and snowflake but I'm sure you can find similar designs via Google which allows you to print and cut by hand. All Lia's design however are available on .pdf.

The Tree  | Myers, Australia
Base Basket | Ikea - no longer available.
Black & White Striped Mat | Ikea.
Gold Wire Mesh Ribbon | AEON.
Nutcracker | Silhouette Online - DIY.
Snowflake | Silhouette Online - DIY.
Circle Ornaments | Lia Griffith - DIY.
Lovebird Topper | Lia Griffith - DIY.
Gold Thread for the Ornaments | Spotlight.

Now, on to the new year!