December 1, 2014

It's Finally December. Let's Get Sorted for Christmas!

December has finally rolled around and I cannot wait to show you what I've been up to last month! November has been a busy, busy month with financial year-end closing in the office during the week and loads of crafting and snapping {hopefully pretty} photos during the weekends when the kids are in bed.

Christmas is without a doubt one of my favourite holidays. It's filled with magic, love and most importantly of sharing and giving. So, I decided to kick start the holiday season on my blog by sharing something a lot of us tend to neglect when wrapping presents {me included} - pretty gift tags.

As Rachel from Handmade Charlotte aptly wrote, "Wrapping gifts is like baking a cake. The presents are the cake, gift wrap is the icing, and the gift tag is the all-important cherry on top!". It truly is. 

Before I got married, I use to chuck my gifts into a store bought paper bags and that was that. After I got married, I started wrapping the presents with pretty gift wrap paper and Sharpie-d the name on because the husband commented how plain our presents looked under the tree in a bag. When the kids came along, that's when the whole gift-wrap-with-ribbons-and-twine-and-pom-poms-and-gift-tags started to kick off because I loved seeing the anticipation and reaction on my children's faces {and the husband's} when they see the pretty presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Pinterest is also very much to blame. 

So ... when the husband was busy chasing the kids around the house the last weekend he was home while pretending to be Mr. Tickle Monster, I decided to print out some gift tags from some of my favourite online designers to match our theme this year.

I was going for a classic gold with black and white theme but I couldn't resist throwing in dashes of cheeky red and playful turquoise after one of my absolute favourite designers posted her collection of 2014 Christmas gift tags.

I've included the links where you can download the gift tags for free. You read right - they are free to download for personal use. 

For maximum prettiness, print them out on white plain or textured card stock. I printed mine on 250g white matte art cards and 210g white matte linen Holland paper, both available online here.

Creative Index - 2014 Collection | 2013 Collection
Kiki Creates - Polar Bear Christmas

Look out for tomorrow's post if you would like win a set of six exclusive Christmas gift tags from thePaperieMY!