December 30, 2014

Post Christmas in Our Home

Christmas in our home was as planned ... blissfully quiet with simple decorations and plenty of good food. With a crazily packed few weeks in the office right before the holidays, I couldn't craft or decorate as much as I wanted to but all in all, I think it was just enough - like we planned.

Gorgeous paper paperwhites by one of my favourite designers - Lia Griffith. It's one of the simplest holiday projects I did this year ... I ended up making two - one for our living room and one for the kitchen.

A simple little Christmas vignette on top my dad's vintage typewriter, inspired by Pinterest using my kid's 2013 Christmas edition LEGO truck, a bottle brush tree and bakers twine.

I could not resist this beautiful pop-up version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol at the Big Bad Wolf annual book sale this year. It is gorgeous!

... and the best, for last. Our Christmas tree. 

We wanted to get a bigger tree from Ikea but with my mad schedule, I thought it best to stick to our trusty 3' two decade old tree. Anyhow, if you're wondering about the decorations on the tree for your next Christmas {never too early to plan, right?}, the source list is below.

You will need a Silhouette's software and an online account with them to download the nutcracker and snowflake but I'm sure you can find similar designs via Google which allows you to print and cut by hand. All Lia's design however are available on .pdf.

The Tree  | Myers, Australia
Base Basket | Ikea - no longer available.
Black & White Striped Mat | Ikea.
Gold Wire Mesh Ribbon | AEON.
Nutcracker | Silhouette Online - DIY.
Snowflake | Silhouette Online - DIY.
Circle Ornaments | Lia Griffith - DIY.
Lovebird Topper | Lia Griffith - DIY.
Gold Thread for the Ornaments | Spotlight.

Now, on to the new year!

December 3, 2014

Wicked Christmas Kissed Brownies

Last weekend, we went to our local supermarket for a belated-Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping. On our list were the usual potatoes, tomatoes ... you know, healthy food. Then right before check-out, I see these ...

Hershey's Kisses are ridiculously priced here where I live and I do mean ridiculous with a capital R, which is why I usually give them a miss. But when I see Hershey's all decked up in Christmas colours and flavours, I usually cave ... which is what happened ... even when each pack cost me a whopping RM14.99. I know - ouch.

And to pile on the damage and add to our impending horizontal expanding waistlines, I baked this later in the evening. I call it the Wicked Christmas Kissed Brownies.

The family love their brownies, especially the husband when you add a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side but since this is not an everyday sort of flavour, they loved it even more. The husband enjoyed the minty truffle bits while the kids went for the candy cane bits. Me, I'm just happy they finished it before I can pile on the pounds to my jiggly bits ... before Christmas.

Looks like we have a Christmas dessert winner so more Wickedly Decadent Christmas Kissed Brownies will definitely be baked this month - shouldn't be too damaging to my wallet since I hid both packets deep in the refrigerator from the kids {... and the husband :-) }.

December 2, 2014

thePaperieMY Christmas Giveaway

With Christmas a little over three weeks away, I thought it would be nice to host a little give away to help with your holiday preparations. 

I'm doing a raffle to give away a set of 6 handmade black & white gift tags, 6 washi-fied medium wooden clothes-pin and 3 meters of red/white bakers twine from thePaperieMY. Enter the raffle information below to enter - you have until midnight on Tuesday, 16 December.

Good luck!

ps: This give away is open only to those with a Malaysia postal address, sorry.


December 1, 2014

It's Finally December. Let's Get Sorted for Christmas!

December has finally rolled around and I cannot wait to show you what I've been up to last month! November has been a busy, busy month with financial year-end closing in the office during the week and loads of crafting and snapping {hopefully pretty} photos during the weekends when the kids are in bed.

Christmas is without a doubt one of my favourite holidays. It's filled with magic, love and most importantly of sharing and giving. So, I decided to kick start the holiday season on my blog by sharing something a lot of us tend to neglect when wrapping presents {me included} - pretty gift tags.

As Rachel from Handmade Charlotte aptly wrote, "Wrapping gifts is like baking a cake. The presents are the cake, gift wrap is the icing, and the gift tag is the all-important cherry on top!". It truly is. 

Before I got married, I use to chuck my gifts into a store bought paper bags and that was that. After I got married, I started wrapping the presents with pretty gift wrap paper and Sharpie-d the name on because the husband commented how plain our presents looked under the tree in a bag. When the kids came along, that's when the whole gift-wrap-with-ribbons-and-twine-and-pom-poms-and-gift-tags started to kick off because I loved seeing the anticipation and reaction on my children's faces {and the husband's} when they see the pretty presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Pinterest is also very much to blame. 

So ... when the husband was busy chasing the kids around the house the last weekend he was home while pretending to be Mr. Tickle Monster, I decided to print out some gift tags from some of my favourite online designers to match our theme this year.

I was going for a classic gold with black and white theme but I couldn't resist throwing in dashes of cheeky red and playful turquoise after one of my absolute favourite designers posted her collection of 2014 Christmas gift tags.

I've included the links where you can download the gift tags for free. You read right - they are free to download for personal use. 

For maximum prettiness, print them out on white plain or textured card stock. I printed mine on 250g white matte art cards and 210g white matte linen Holland paper, both available online here.

Creative Index - 2014 Collection | 2013 Collection
Kiki Creates - Polar Bear Christmas

Look out for tomorrow's post if you would like win a set of six exclusive Christmas gift tags from thePaperieMY!