October 1, 2014

The Toddler's Room

I am super excited to share today's post with you. It's the first of my "Three Months of Our House to Home" project which we kick-started last week because I got a little impatient.

When I was away in college, my mum decided to spruce up our family home with a major renovation. She also painted my newly refurbished room in light cornflower blue with matching floors tiles {... insert silence with a few crickets chirping here}.
Dear ma, I know you chose a soft shade of blue because it was calming {and possibly trending that year} but I did ask for off-white walls when you called to tell me you're renovating the house. I also specifically requested that you let me pick the furniture when I got home because I didn't want anything orange in my room. But nope, you did not listen. In fact, I think you snickered at the furniture store when you placed the order and chuckled when the delivery truck arrived with yep ... orange oval furniture ... carted into a blue room and I couldn't do anything about it because I was 13 hours away by plane. Yes ma, I am still traumatised till this day.
Anyhow ... fast forward a few years later, the hubs and I repainted the room in a deep rich shade of brown and made it our home office {... meaning, moved all the orange furniture to the guest room} - I called it the Willie Wonka room, for obvious reasons. Then the kids came along and we moved in with the in-laws for a few months and our home office became a room of convenience where we'd chuck things into when we moved back and didn't know what to do with. The room remained that way the next couple of years and eventually, it became a store.

Now that Lil Ee will be starting primary one soon, she'll be needing a space of her own - a room she can call her own and hopefully, a room where she can contain her mess in. So, after procrastinating for the longest time {... like three-years-longest-time sort of long}, I finally took the plunge and started clearing out the Willie Wonka room. It took me two days, three large bags of things to donate and four large bags of trash to semi-clear the room.

The Willie Wonka room at the end of day one.

The husband came home during the weekend and helped me move the remaining larger pieces of furniture out of the room and gave the floor a good wipe down before he started work. It's amazing how far flooring technology have come these days. All we had to do {... meaning mostly the husband here} was lug 90 kgs worth of grey-ish vinyl home from KL, spend an hour or so grouting, scraping, vacuuming then jigsaw-puzzling on the floors with some fancy-smancy glue and after all that, we get a brand new room.

When is comes to flooring, that is as technical as his wife can get.

Once everything was in place, the room aired out {... the smell of glue lingered on longer than we expected} and the floors given another round of vacuuming, we unleashed the kids. Judging from their expression and the amount of time they spent running around in circles giggling, I think they loved it.

I think it's time I introduce lil Ee to the world of fashion, so she can learn how to pose. However, I am loving my little man's pose - and yes, he is "handsome like daddy".

The next evening after dinner, the husband and I decided to move the bed back in. Then we decided to moved her desk and chair in ... and her bookcase, and a selection of her books, and a selection of her toys. Within an hour, we pretty much moved our toddler out from our room and into hers.

It was a very proud evening for the husband and I - our five year old slept in her room for the very first time that night and woke up bright and early the next day for school - she even made her own bed.

There's still quite a bit of work more to be done to lil Ee's room. I love the floors but I have to admit - the Willie Wonka-ed walls are a tad too dark for a toddler's room. So, my next toddler-room-project is to brighten it up ... a new feature wall in a warm neutral colour, painting the existing furnitures to match, up-cycling {including painting} my grandmother's vintage closet, art for the walls, fix the lop-sided blinds, add curtains to soften the look of the room, a rug for the play area and a new energy efficient air-conditioning unit.

... phew.

It's definitely going to take us a while since I'm trying to keep things on the low end of our budget, but hey ... the room's half done and that in itself is definitely a good start.