September 8, 2014

Carousel Ride by svgCuts

When svgCuts launched the Carousel Ride kit, I knew I had to add it to my collection. I was a little disappointed that the compatibility states that it only fitted a 12"x12" aka the Cameo which I do not own {... yet}, I decided to get it anyway and try my luck downsizing it to fit the Silhouette Portrait.

I shrunk each piece on file down to 65% and I think at the end of it, it turned out OK. I lost 3" in diameter and cannot fit a standard size cupcake so I improvised and used Ferrero Rocher's instead; the tiny balls of chocolates fit perfectly.

Not all eight horses made it to the carousel though; the Print & Cut feature on my Portrait was acting up - I had to Sharpie parts of the brown on the horse because it kept cutting a few millimetres off {note to self, Google calibration}. Grrr ...

I'm working on something more Christmas-y now so until then, I hope you have a fun week ahead!