September 26, 2014

The Three Months of Our House to Home Project

The first day of October starts next week, which means I'll be kick starting my "Three Months of Our House to Home" project {... oh, Lord help me}.

Inspired by Myquillyn at the nesting place, who is running her 6th annual 31 Days Writing Challenge {... which I am way too chicken to join}, I decided to run something similar here on my own blog and instead of 31 days, I decided to spread it out to three month so I don't end up murdering someone. 

It's not going to be an everyday post for the next three months because God knows I won't be able to keep up with it, but more of challenging myself to finally getting down to purging and de-cluttering and turning our house into a home ... one day at a time from now until December, just in time for a brand new year - hopefully. 

Don't get me wrong - the house we're living in now is an absolute blessing but that's just where it stops at - a house. It doesn't have that warm and cozy, fuzzy-wuzzy, lived in and loved on sort of feel when we walk through the door and that is what I hope to remedy, at least by a tad come the new year.

It's definitely going to take the husband and I quite a while to get to where we want our home to be and feel like but it's a start. So, here's to the next three months, the last three months of 2014; may it be filled with loads of before's and after's with all the ugly-fugglies in between {... and preferably on a budget too}.

September 17, 2014

Hope. It anchors the soul.


It's only one word yet it holds within it so many possibilities and when every thing in your life goes every where else but where you want it to go, hope is all there is to keep you going.

I keep this in the office as a reminder when my mind wanders where it should not.
Print from Jones Design Company | Frame from Ikea

For those who know me and I mean really, really know me, they'll know that I am not a super duper religious and preach the Bible sort of person. But occasionally, I do open up about His goodness in my life, even after He saw fit to empty a few truckloads of thumb tacks and dump rocks the size of the Himalayan mountains in the middle of my path. I personally wish he would not but I also know it is His way of telling stubborn ol' me, "Yoohoo! Remember Moi?"

The last few months has not been an easy one for me - situations I never thought would or could happen to me did and it flipped my entire world upside down. It was really hard to wake up in the mornings and go on with life as though nothing happened, but I did. I broke down a lot along the way but somehow, I got through it even when it seemed like nothing could mend the utter brokenness and emptiness I felt inside. I kept hearing a voice, His voice telling me, "Have hope, trust Me. All will be fine".

It was hard to hold on to just a mere four letter word; it was a struggle and it still is. But I am learning to and slowly, I see things working out although not all at once - all in His time.

I am still mending and healing, learning to let go and learning to forgive, learning to hold on to hope and trust Him and through it all, I know He's with me reassuring and guiding me ... guiding us, back to the path we've wandered off. Sometimes it's a little voice; sometimes it's in things I see just when I least expected it. He works in ways only you can understand - you only need to listen and open your eyes and see.

There are still a few more things I am holding on to hope for and I pray that it too will be able to iron itself out soon. In the mean time, I think His next lesson for me is patience. Oh, that will be hard one ...

September 8, 2014

Carousel Ride by svgCuts

When svgCuts launched the Carousel Ride kit, I knew I had to add it to my collection. I was a little disappointed that the compatibility states that it only fitted a 12"x12" aka the Cameo which I do not own {... yet}, I decided to get it anyway and try my luck downsizing it to fit the Silhouette Portrait.

I shrunk each piece on file down to 65% and I think at the end of it, it turned out OK. I lost 3" in diameter and cannot fit a standard size cupcake so I improvised and used Ferrero Rocher's instead; the tiny balls of chocolates fit perfectly.

Not all eight horses made it to the carousel though; the Print & Cut feature on my Portrait was acting up - I had to Sharpie parts of the brown on the horse because it kept cutting a few millimetres off {note to self, Google calibration}. Grrr ...

I'm working on something more Christmas-y now so until then, I hope you have a fun week ahead!

September 3, 2014

The Gift of Life: Blood Donation Drive

Here's a sneak peek into a packaging I'm working on for this weekend's Blood Donation Drive happening at the company together with Hospital Raja Pemaisuri Bainun's Blood Bank - thought I'd keep it simple with brown Kraft paper and classic red/white baker's twine.

If you are in Ipoh this weekend ... Saturday, 6 September 2014 ... and would like to participate, please drop me an email { or click here } and I'll send over more details.

September 2, 2014

September & The Two Year-Old

It is finally September - which means, I get some "me time" back after a crazy packed July and August - phew.

The family welcomed September by celebrating our little one's second birthday over the weekend. Nothing fancy, just a small family party with a pre-ordered Snow White & The Seven Dwarf themed cake from Secret Recipe and some McDonalds'.