August 5, 2014

A Nautical Winnie-ed Weekend

Last Saturday, I spent the first half of it snuggling up for a selfie with my little man during lunch ...

... and the second half running around like a headless chicken. The outcome of my headless-chicken-run stint - tadah!; a nautical Winnie & Friends themed birthday party set-up I helped design for a friend.

It took me over a month to come up with everything you see - having a full time job in during the day and two kids to chase around the house after office hours don't give me much time to do what I love; sit down on my brand new craft station my husband built me and craft away. I actually suffered a panic attack two days before the event and when my girlfriend asked if I would do it all over again, I nodded timidly and added ... "perhaps next time with a partner, or a dozen so I don't have to go through another panic-attack episode". She laughed. 

Most of the ideas and you see here aren't mine ... except for gum paste Pooh and Piglet - that, I am stamping my chubby finger prints on. The smaller 3D paper designs are purchased from the Silhouette Online Store and Miss Kate's Cuttables while the larger ones, like the light house and the light house keeper's quarters are from SVG Cuts.

Paper patterns are either my own design or scanned from original 12 x 12 papers from Graphic45's Mother Goose and By The Sea paper collection - Graphic45 has the coolest designs! The paper pennants on the wall are an awesome free printable found at Catch My Party.

If you'd like to know more about a specific design, do drop me an email and I'll guide you through it. You can cut most of the designs here by hand although a Silhouette {or Cricut Explore} would make your life super easier.

My next DIY party project is coming up in September - my little man's birthday party themed around small little blue people about 3 apples high. Stay tuned ...