July 12, 2014

Frozen Party #1: Toddler Sings "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?", Mama Screams "Let It Go!"

When the words "Mama, I want a Frozen birthday this year!" came out from my toddler's mouth, I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Oh no. Lord help me." Actually, I rolled my eyes and they did a couple of somersaults around my eye sockets while I muttered, "Oh no. Lord help me."

It's almost a year since I first clicked {Play} on our player and it's been almost a year that I've watched that Disney animated movie every ... single ... night. I've also had to listen to Elsa belt out "Let It Go!" every single weekday morning when I drive my toddler to kindergarten. On repeat. It's a half hour drive so you do the maths.

Lil Ee turned 5 last weekend and she celebrated it in true Arendelle style ... twice. Yup, my toddler had two birthday parties. I know ... spoiled brat. Anyhow, the first party was with her kindergarten classmates. Since it was her first official birthday party with friends her age, this mama pulled out all the stops and went to town with her Silhouette and glitter glue.

Be forewarned ... this will be a very photo heavy post filled with all things that is Frozen.

Since lil Ee's first party was going to include eight other just-as-crazy about Frozen toddlers, I thought it would be nice to let them each have a little bit of Frozen to take home. So on the night before the big-do, I baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes with chopped up Kinder Bueno candy surprise and frosted it with white chocolate cream cheese frosting an hour before I delivered them.

Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff and the Arendelle castle are from Lettering Delight's Ice Princess graphic set. Olaf and the silhouette of Elsa on coronation day although slightly tweaked in Photoshop, are from a Google search which I forgot to note a link from so if you recognize your work, please let me know so I can do a proper credit. The Frozen inspired cupcake wrappers and 3D be-glittered trees are from the Silhouette online store.

While browsing through the Silhouette online store, I stumbled on this adorable Frozen inspired castle treat bag which was perfect as a "Thank You!" bag for the kids so I tweaked it by adding light blue and white polka dots to match the pattern I used on the cupcake wrappers and glued on a be-glittered gold snowflake. If you're wondering why I'm using gold glitter instead of silver ... well, I ran out - classic me.

All the little bags were filled with Elsa and Anna's favourite - chocolates. It took me a while to figure out what to put inside but then I got lucky and found Hershey Kisses, Hershey nuggets, Kit Kat bars, Kinder Bueno bars and Chuppa Chupps lollies on sale, so in those went.

Next up, this six inch faux cake. Yup, it is a fake cake topper; made from a 6" round Styrofoam base then covered with gum paste. I prefer working with gum paste because it hardens up real good and does not attract ants where I live. Besides, fondant hates me ... with a vengeance. 

Everything on this faux cake is gum paste except for Elsa's ice castle backdrop, the 3D number and the snowflake. The design of the paper ice castle is inspired by a larger version at Complete Type A - the owner; a very talented mama with the same first name as me! The snowflake patterns I used on the castle are from various Frozen HD desktop wallpaper I found on Google Search while the 3D number five is once again, you guessed it! - from the Silhouette online store.

With all that done, it was time to head to the party at lil Ee's kindergarten and here are some sneak peek photos. Here is a mandatory photo of my little girl all decked up in her Elsa dress - toddler version, of course which I found here on Malaysia's equivalent of eBay - on her way to school.

The mandatory blowing-out-the-candle shot on her Frozen faux cake while her classmates sing her "Happy Birthday".

Yes, I know the photo looks funny and yes, I did blur out my little girl's classmate's faces. It just feels wrong to post photos of them on a public blog - so a blurred kiddo faces photo it shall be.

And finally, a photo of my little girl with her very cool kindergarten teachers. We'll be celebrating birthday party number two tomorrow and I'll be reworking the cake topper to fit on top of an actual birthday cake from the grand dame of butter cakes herself - Nancy Chong! - so if you're still looking for Frozen birthday party ideas, stay tuned.