July 14, 2014

Frozen Party #2

It does get a little frustrating when something which you've been planning for for weeks goes bust at the very last minute. The original birthday cake plan involved two round tiers of Frozen-ness; the bottom tier at 9" while the top faux tier at 6". When I collected the bottom tier from the grand dame of butter cakes; Nancy Chong, it was 6", square and absolutely frosted. Oh well ... a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do - on to Plan B.

I reworked the original faux 6" cake by adding some extra snowflakes and of course, Olaf {...we cannot have a Frozen themed birthday cake without Olaf!} and moved a few things around to hide tiny holes from curious toddler fingers from Party #1 and pock marks from lazy me who did not knead the gum paste enough.

Some extra cupcake toppers were recycled and added them to the butter cake so it'd flow with the theme. Then, I also made a faux backdrop by covering the television with paper printed with polka dots and snowflakes, made my toddler a new be-jewelled crown and snowflake wand because she lost the first set then waited for the family to arrive. 

When they did, ... ta dah!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

note: I was asked by some girlfriends where I got the banners in the background from. Well, they are actually illustrations by the very talented David Kawena which were cut into pennants on my Silhouette Portrait for the party so, sorry girls - they aren't for sale!