July 24, 2014

You Will Be Home, Soon.

"On golden wings, the angels soar from watching us forever more.
From their viewpoint in the air; a better place than what was there.

On golden wings, the angels fly ... shooting starts across the sky.
Life's burden around their feet, we'll meet them there when our life's complete.

On golden wings, the angels dance ... happy the deceits of life are passed.
They're past the toils, past the snares. Happy now in heaven at last.

On golden wings, the angels rise ... leaving withered bodies behind.
Living forever in our souls. They're still here ... just invisible, you know."

~ Emily Dana ~

RIP, crew and passengers of MH17. 
You will be home, soon.
Stay strong, Malaysia.

July 14, 2014

Frozen Party #2

It does get a little frustrating when something which you've been planning for for weeks goes bust at the very last minute. The original birthday cake plan involved two round tiers of Frozen-ness; the bottom tier at 9" while the top faux tier at 6". When I collected the bottom tier from the grand dame of butter cakes; Nancy Chong, it was 6", square and absolutely frosted. Oh well ... a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do - on to Plan B.

I reworked the original faux 6" cake by adding some extra snowflakes and of course, Olaf {...we cannot have a Frozen themed birthday cake without Olaf!} and moved a few things around to hide tiny holes from curious toddler fingers from Party #1 and pock marks from lazy me who did not knead the gum paste enough.

July 12, 2014

Frozen Party #1: Toddler Sings "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?", Mama Screams "Let It Go!"

When the words "Mama, I want a Frozen birthday this year!" came out from my toddler's mouth, I rolled my eyes and muttered, "Oh no. Lord help me." Actually, I rolled my eyes and they did a couple of somersaults around my eye sockets while I muttered, "Oh no. Lord help me."

It's almost a year since I first clicked {Play} on our player and it's been almost a year that I've watched that Disney animated movie every ... single ... night. I've also had to listen to Elsa belt out "Let It Go!" every single weekday morning when I drive my toddler to kindergarten. On repeat. It's a half hour drive so you do the maths.

Lil Ee turned 5 last weekend and she celebrated it in true Arendelle style ... twice. Yup, my toddler had two birthday parties. I know ... spoiled brat. Anyhow, the first party was with her kindergarten classmates. Since it was her first official birthday party with friends her age, this mama pulled out all the stops and went to town with her Silhouette and glitter glue.

Be forewarned ... this will be a very photo heavy post filled with all things that is Frozen.