May 17, 2014

Just What I Needed ...

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.
Anne Frank.

{... smile}

Beautiful words ... something I sorely need reminding of now, which is why this wallpaper is up on my desktop at work, at home and on my smartphone's lock screen - it just makes my heart feel lighter, like a warm fuzzy wuzzy hug on a cold rainy day. Definitely something to share, no?

You can find this desktop and many others just as beautiful from Breanna Rose's blog here. Happy weekend!

May 16, 2014

Happy Teacher's Day!

With Teacher's Day coming up, I asked my little girl last week if she'd like to give her kindergarten teacher a thank you present - her face lit up like a Christmas tree on Christmas morning and she nodded enthusiastically.

I showed lil Ee what I had in mind; Jamie Lane's Pencil Holders; she has 8 designs available on Silhouette Online and my little girl chose the Flower Pencil Holder {... a very good choice, baby girl! Mama would have selected that one too}.

I spent Monday evening setting up the files by adding patterns to the blank cut files; salmon and pink polka dots for the base and vintage chevron pink for the inner insert and lid. I added chalkboard black for the flag and decided that one was not enough, so I made three ... fine, I am slightly obsessive compulsive.

After printing and cutting out the pieces, I laid them out on an old piece of newspaper and sprayed on a few layers of clear lacquer to keep the ink from smudging, in case it got wet. This will after all, pass through the hands of 1 four year old and kept in a class with 9 other four year olds "><

While waiting for the pieces to dry, I went to work cutting out the pieces for the flowers from pink coloured card stock for the petals and yellow for the stamens. I then glued them together using a staple in my craft stash - double sided tape. The first flower took a while to figure out but once it was done, the others was easy. It does however, take patience and I am not particularly blessed with an abundance of it. Sigh.

When all the pieces dried and finally in place, I started assembling them; first the base, the inner insert then the lid. I then wrapped baker's twine around the lid for texture but still found the whole thing a bit bare. So I added a doll from Lettering Delight's Sew Cute collection and a vintage banner from their preview collection - Merry Month Of May, which is available only during checkout in May.

Here's what it looked like with my watercolour pencils as test pencils.

I was feeling quite accomplished and decided to post the photo on to my Facebook page and then the husband had to make a comment about the eyes looking like something out of Halloween; he was fortunate he made the comment 150 kms away because I was sick, tired and super cranky when I read it {... snort. Men!}

After work the next day, I went out and bought matching buttons and attempted to glue it on with my glue gun only to find out that the buttons were too small. Sigh ... "smart" classic me. So, I printed out another doll, sprayed on clear lacquer, waited for the lacquer to dry and glued on the mini buttons. So now, this is what the final product looks like. 

The look on my little girl's face when she saw her finished present was priceless. Now she's super excited about Teacher' Day and hopefully Teacher Tammy likes her present as much as my little girl.

May 9, 2014

Please be gentle with me. I'm doing my best

stumbled upon this post via The Nester yesterday and by the time I finished reading the article, I was sobbing like a little girl who just dropped her cone of ice cream on the streets while hugging a box of Kleenex. Fortunately, no one was home to witness the moment.

If I could wear a sign around my neck, I would definitely be wearing this one: 'Please be gentle with me. I'm doing my best.' This isn't something I would normally ask of others but it would be nice if people around me cared enough to try and take the time to understand why I am the way I am; that I'm going through a rough patch right now and I really am doing the best that I know how to. It would be so much better than telling me that I'm doing this wrong or that I should have done it another way.

When you're broken on the inside yet have to put on a brave front every single day for the sake of two beautiful children because you want the best for them, it does wear a person down significantly.

It will be 3 years come June that the husband quit his previous job and left home to work in another state 2 hours away from us. Lil Ee was not even 2 when he left and come July, she'll be turning 5. In all honesty, I am exhausted; emotionally, mentally and physically from having to be a father and a mother to both my kids until the weekends when their daddy is home, all while holding on to a full time job and keeping the house and the bills together on my own.

I am thankful for my in-laws who have taken one of my biggest worries away - taking care of my kids when I'm at work, but sometimes I wish my marriage was normal. In fact, I crave normal. Hope is the only thing left that I can cling on to these days because it gives me a picture of a better tomorrow and that in itself helps me get through the day without breaking down {... too much} and God knows, I've had my fair share of breakdowns in the last 5 years.

My hope ... just one, for now; that the husband can find a job closer to home so we can be a normal family for once. Too much to ask?