April 17, 2014

Give Thanks ... Inspiration for Lil Ee's Room

"In everything, give thanks." 

Part of a verse from 1 Thessalonian 5:15, I think it's a reminder a parent like me and my kids sorely needs. I love my kids. I tell them I love them, hug and kiss them every single day. If I can afford it, I'd splurge on whatever they want and buy them whatever I think they need which in return make for two pretty ungrateful kids.

Ee and Kai really are good kids but sometimes what a child wants may not be what a child needs, which applies to Ee's room. If my four-year old had a free reign on what she wanted in her room, it'd cost me my retirement fund - I kid you not.

So I decided that as a parent, to be sensible and as the only person working on this project, to be pragmatic on what goes into lil Ee's room. I created a little design board to help me plan my purchases since I'm on a shoestring budget but most importantly, it's going to help me stay on track when I go shopping for paint, furniture and storage.

Here's what I have put up on the design board ...

The verse in 1 Thessalonian 5:18 will be the focal point for lil Ee's room. It might be a little deep for a four-year old but I am hoping that if she looks at it often enough, in time she might understand and learn to appreciate everything that she has ... which is a lot more than what her mama had when she was her age, but let's not launch into that age old adage, shall we?

Functional storage for book and toys are a huge must, especially for this toddler. She might be tiny in size but she is extremely skilled in hoarding anything and everything. So, instead of cute and girly furniture which in my opinion is quite over-rated, I'm thinking about going unconventional with the IKEA's Expedit system which I think is a versatile piece of furniture.

    I'll let the design board do most of the talking but expect lots of creamy whites and grey in lil Ee's room. I'll also be putting a lot of my pins in Pinterest to the test. 

    This is to-date the biggest and most elaborate project I'm going to take-on and I am absolutely terrified although oddly excited at the same time. The decision has been made, now all that's left to do is clear out the room, furnish and decorate. Easy, right?

    p.s.: ... the husband chuckled when he read the last sentence.