April 25, 2014

Eye Candy Friday - Marc Jacobs LoveMarc Lip Gel in 114 Understudy

Whenever I'm in the Capitol capital, I make it a point to drop by Sephora and stalk its aisles because I'm Sephora deprived where I live. The hubs doesn't mind the traffic jam as much when I ask to be dropped off because I always walk out a happy woman ... and a happy woman I was last weekend because I went home with this; Marc Jacobs' LoveMarc Lip Gel in 114 Understudy.

A review is on the way but for now, some eye-candy ...

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

April 23, 2014

Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner

Last year was quite an adventurous year for me when it came to all things makeup. I got myself quite a stash load of products; some got me raving like a lunatic and some, got me cussing in six languages ... maybe, two languages and four dialects.

This year, my bank account decreed that I should be less adventurous ... but when a product launches to rave beauty blog reviews, it calls to me like a siren call and this was my April siren call - the Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner in Violet Night.

When I first read about the Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner at Paris B's, it got me curious as to how good it really was so while I was in KL last week, I paid Bobbi Brown at Sunway Pyramid a visit.

The Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner is Bobbi Brown's first retractable pencil. The formula claims to deliver pigmented colour and precision lining. It also boasts a 12-hour wear and is water, sweat and humidity resistant ... all these combined got me testing all six shades available at the counter and I went home with Violet Night; a black/purple shade with subtle shimmery bits which isn't visible when applied.

This isn't my first retractable pencil eyeliner. SkinFood has one; the Eggplant Waterproof Eyeline Auto Pencil. I bought one last year but did not write about it even though I finished the one and went out and repurchased a second. It was a convenient little invention but I wasn't particularly blown away by its formula.

I tight-line my upper lids for work almost every day because it's a natural look that gives the illusion of lush lashes and because I cannot draw a straight line on my upper lids to save my life. I also have oily lids and all the eye liners I've used before would migrate from the upper to lower lids, casting a panda-like shadow which does not look good on me ... no matter how trendy the smokey-eye look may be.

I've been using Bobbi Brown's Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner to tight line my upper lids for half a week now and I actually have no complains about it, well ... other than the price; it retails for RM90. I know - ouch! But, is it worth the price?

The formula glides on creamy, which means no tugging on skin whenever I tight line - great for an ageing vain pot like me but it also means product will finish faster.

Once on, it's quite budge proof - even after a full day in the office and running mama errands after, there was very minimal product transfer from my upper to lower lids unlike my previous eyeliner purchases. The fact that I didn't have to check the mirror for the panda eye effect every half hour or so, was impressive.

Bobbi Brown's Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner is growing on me. I like that there are 6 gorgeous shades to choose from, I like that the formula glides on creamy and I love that it doesn't give me the panda eye effect. However, I hate that there aren't any Bobbi Brown counters where I live and I'm finding it a little hard to swallow the RM90 price tag ...

What are your thoughts?

April 17, 2014

Give Thanks ... Inspiration for Lil Ee's Room

"In everything, give thanks." 

Part of a verse from 1 Thessalonian 5:15, I think it's a reminder a parent like me and my kids sorely needs. I love my kids. I tell them I love them, hug and kiss them every single day. If I can afford it, I'd splurge on whatever they want and buy them whatever I think they need which in return make for two pretty ungrateful kids.

Ee and Kai really are good kids but sometimes what a child wants may not be what a child needs, which applies to Ee's room. If my four-year old had a free reign on what she wanted in her room, it'd cost me my retirement fund - I kid you not.

So I decided that as a parent, to be sensible and as the only person working on this project, to be pragmatic on what goes into lil Ee's room. I created a little design board to help me plan my purchases since I'm on a shoestring budget but most importantly, it's going to help me stay on track when I go shopping for paint, furniture and storage.

Here's what I have put up on the design board ...

The verse in 1 Thessalonian 5:18 will be the focal point for lil Ee's room. It might be a little deep for a four-year old but I am hoping that if she looks at it often enough, in time she might understand and learn to appreciate everything that she has ... which is a lot more than what her mama had when she was her age, but let's not launch into that age old adage, shall we?

Functional storage for book and toys are a huge must, especially for this toddler. She might be tiny in size but she is extremely skilled in hoarding anything and everything. So, instead of cute and girly furniture which in my opinion is quite over-rated, I'm thinking about going unconventional with the IKEA's Expedit system which I think is a versatile piece of furniture.

    I'll let the design board do most of the talking but expect lots of creamy whites and grey in lil Ee's room. I'll also be putting a lot of my pins in Pinterest to the test. 

    This is to-date the biggest and most elaborate project I'm going to take-on and I am absolutely terrified although oddly excited at the same time. The decision has been made, now all that's left to do is clear out the room, furnish and decorate. Easy, right?

    p.s.: ... the husband chuckled when he read the last sentence.

    April 15, 2014

    What I've Been Up To Since January ...

    A huge thank you, if you've dropped by to check up on me and I am very sorry that I have not been updating. I wish I could say I've found my niche over the last couple of months but the truth is, it is as elusive as the bat cave. 

    The first quarter of the year has been much more hectic than I had anticipated. Ee started kindergarten in January, which means every morning now starts an extra hour earlier for me ... and I am not a morning person, even after almost five years of motherhood. 

    My little man also has been going through a rough patch in the last 6 months or so - blame teething. Fortunately, he's now able to enjoy what he loves most - eating, after four baby molars finally made an appearance a fortnight ago ... all together. 

    On the blog front, I have been moving things around and throwing out codes that were slowing things down. It's now sporting a cleaner, less cluttered look which I am absolutely digging - makes me wonder why I've never done it before?

    It's also a prelude to what's happening on the home front, where I finally started working on Ee's bedroom. It will be awhile before I finish as I'm tackling it on my own, what with the hubs working full-time in another state but I suppose going at it solo isn't a bad thing - I'm opinionated enough to drive myself nuts.

    On the artsy farty end, I've been working on a little something I am hoping to incorporate into Ee's birthday in a few month's time. I've only gotten as far as a sketch because my four year old is Miss Extremely Fickle Minded - a few months ago, her list of favourite things only included Frozen and ballet. The very same list has since expanded to include Alice In Wonderland, Snow White and Beauty & The Beast. Last week, she tried to negotiate Kung Fu Panda into the list. Perhaps by the time her birthday comes along, that list might have shrunk ... this mama can wish, right?

    Plenty to keep me occupied, but I will be back ... soon.