February 24, 2014

A Mid-Week Summery Rustic Dinner Party

About a fortnight ago, I was asked to help decorate an informal dinner party the company was throwing for the board of directors and their management staff at the company's club house - not a particularly easy task, since this would be the first time I'm attempting anything of the sort.

Fortunately, there is good ol' trusty Pinterest and so my nights were spent sliding through hundreds of images of weddings and dinner parties; with themes from Parisian vintage to the grand age of the Great Gatsby, all while the kids slept. Who knew going through Pinterest was so therapeutically snore-inducing; totally knocked me out within ten minutes so yeah, didn't get much done there.

Anyhow, I decided to keep my work simple and rustic since I only had two weeks to prepare - with a full-time job and a zoo to run kids to chase around after hours. The venue of the dinner party was located in an area of our club house that screams colonial-country-club chic; think lots of white walls and dark brown wood surrounded by greens and a swimming pool. With the tent and tables set up, the place was almost dinner party ready so I focused on table decoration while letting the surroundings do most of the work.

Here's what I came up with ...

With the theme "Neutral & Rustic" in mind, I went out and purchase a pack of 11.5" in diameter paper doilies from my local bake supply shop, two dozen pale taupe and a few pieces of dark brown 180g card stock paper from Popular Book Store and two rolls of twine from Mr. DIY. 

Attempting to tie the two into a white/tan/gold table setting, I went to work on designing a tag for each individual napkin and a table place card for each table. 

I had some help from my Silhouette for the leaf cut-out on the table place cards but everything else was cut with either a very sharp blade against a steel ruler or a paper puncher, by hand. I also "stamped" the edges gold with my gold stamp pad hoping to bring in some cohesion to the whole white/tan/gold table setting look.

Fortunately, everything tied together even when I didn't know how the table flower arrangements were going to look like or what colour they were going to be in - I got lucky. 

Here's some photos of the set-up right before the party guests arrived.

The 11.5" paper doily in the background, the "Bon App├ętit" tag tied with a twine around a pocket-fold napkin.

The table place card with names of each guest to be seated at the table on top of the summery flower arrangement.

A small part of the table set-up and the company's club house.

After the event, a colleague of mine asked if I would do something like this again. 

Honestly ... yes. I'm not particularly fond of event management but I do love an excuse to be creative and DIY away. Oddly, it's a form of stress relieve therapy for me ... even when my inkjet decided to jam up or when my Silhouette decided to not cut straight - which did happen on the eleventh hour, but it all ended well after some prep talking. 

Yup, I talk to my machines and tell them to behave - don't you?