January 6, 2014

The Silhouette Portrait

'ello! I am sorry about my MIA status during the first five days of the new year but I do have a really good reason for being so - I was held hostage by this; the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter.

Over Christmas period last year after clocking up an insane amount of research hours on Google and YouTube while the kids were away with their grandparents, I decided to add this little technological wonder into my craft stash. I like to think of it as a win-win present for everyone from moi because now, moi have a very good reason to sit in front of my computer cooking up crafty project the kids would like from customized bookmarks and stickers to cute cards and gift boxes. It's definitely going to make my cutting projects so much easier and less hazardous for me as I am known as the family butterfingers. I have also sliced my fingers so many times, the husband had to make sure there is a pack of plaster in varying sizes available in every single room of the house and a very up-to-date First-Aid box in our bedroom - just in case. Now if only they had an electronic cutter for potatoes, particularly the sweet potatoes ...

The Silhouette family of electronic cutters consists of the Cameo and the Portrait. I decided to go with the Portrait mainly because of the price difference; the Cameo's nrp is RM1,299 while the Portrait's nrp is RM799. If not for the RM500 price difference, I'd have purchased the Cameo because it's able to cut up to 12" x 12" while the Portrait is only able to handle up to 8" x 12". The additional 4" in width does make for some pretty decent sized projects but it's not a huge loss, at least not for me.

Other than the price difference and cut size, there are a few difference between the machines which you can compare on Silhouette Malaysia's website .

Designed with simplicity in mind right down to the software that comes bundled with it, getting the Silhouette ready for use right out of the box is pretty easy. All you have to do is plug in the power cable then connect the cutter to your PC/Mac with the bundled USB cable, install the software and voila! ... you are good to go.

This little machine works like a home printer. The concept is similar but instead of using ink to print, it uses a  small blade to cut paper, card stock, vinyl, fabric or anything along those grammage lines.

The Silhouettes also has the ability to register and cut printed materials. In normal English, it means you can print any image you want and you won't run the risk of lobbing your fingers off with a blade while attempting the tiny nooks and crannies ... like on the feathers in the photo below.

It's a little project I am working on for lil Ee and lil Kai's room, which I hope to share soon. The graphics are from a sneak peek set called Winter Wear by Lettering Delights; one of the best sites around to get plenty inspired. I think the Winter Wear collection will be made available soon but right now, the only way you can access it is during the checkout.

The feathers are image files I found via Google Image. The image came with only black outlines so using the "Trace" function in the bundled software, I filled the trace outline with a teal/brown argyle pattern fille, sent it to the printer then returned it to the Silhouette to cut.

Sorry if all that sounded like a "What-the ... huh?!" moment to you. Perhaps you could come check back on me in a bit and I'll attempt to explain all that in proper every day English via project posts ... with photos, loads of photos because over the New Year's, a very nice person bought me a very nice present. I'm drowning in technology but I am absolutely loving it - muahahahaha!

Now that I've done the proper introductions, be prepared to be bombed with quite a fair few crafty projects featuring my Silhouette Portrait in coming months. Until then, I do hope twenty fourteen has been treating you well so far.
For more information on Silhouette products available in Malaysia, check out Silhouette Malaysia online or if you prefer to see the action for yourself, head on over to LazBoy Designs over at 54, Jalan SS2/75 {tel: 03-7873 6007}.

ps: While you're at LazBoy, do give a shout-out to Jaffre!