January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

I found the cutest cut-set from Lettering Delights and Under A Cherry Tree so I decided to add something extra to the red packets or 红包 that lil Ee and lil Kai will be getting this year.

Putting the layers together was simple, which is something I love about the cut-sets from Lettering Delights. It was finding the red packet to match that was difficult. Well, it was until a set from Padini found its way into my shopping bag after purchasing 2 tee tops for lil Ee.
Here's a quick tip to mums on a shoestring for their daughter's wardrobe ... Padini has been running a promotion of RM29 for two tee tops. There's a variety of designs/colours to choose from and the collection changes often. However, do look out for the sizes which tends to run different even between designs - it's odd but then, this is Malaysia.
... back to my mini Chinese New project. Using the .gsd files which is included in my cut-set downloads, I filled the layers with my selection of colours and patterns and sent the file to printer. Remember to add the registration marks or your Silhouette won't know where to start cutting.

I made some minor adjustments to the girl. The original design had short hair with no cherry blossom flowers in her hair, so I used another design's hair layer from the same set and added the cherry blossom flowers.

I bought a set of puffy paint tubes from Mr. DIY for a steal a few days ago and wanting to try them out, I added a few "stitched hems" to the girl's sleeve and "buttons" to the boy's tunic. I also glued on faux diamantes on the cherry blossom flowers and squeezed on red glitter glue on the boy's sleeves and cap.

The designs are now glued on the red packets with light double sided tape and are all set and ready to go for tomorrow morning. I cannot wait to see the kid's faces, till then ...

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!