October 10, 2013

vamping it up for autumn

Whenever I think of October, autumn comes to mind with images of cool crisp evening air and leaves changing their colours into a myriad of orange and yellow hues. Then there is of course, Halloween with an insane copious amounts of candy and lots of pumpkins.

But then, most of my friends ... including the husband, would most likely smirk and remind me that I live on the wrong side of the planet. Darn it!

So right now, my October is hot and humid during the day then turns wet and mucky in the evenings. The dang trees are still and always will be green and yes ... in case you're wondering, I am tempted to spray paint the ones in my garden orange out of sheer disappointment that my mom pushed me out kicking and screaming thirtysomething odd years ago on the other side of the equator.

Anyhow, there are a few silver linings to my October.

Silver lining number one. It most definitely ain't September! Oh how I suffered through September ... a nagging cough that would not go away the entire month and loved tormenting me during the night until I busted its butt with a tub of Vicks Vaporub and a pair of socks {... trust me, it works}. Then, just when I thought I could put an end to my sleep deprivation cycle and looking like a zombie in the office, the epic toothache episode happened which then resulted in quite a block in my brain cells when it came to writing and that in return, resulted in one of my best gals sulking - sorry M, it's now up and I'm working on chapter number three.

Then, there is silver lining number two with a huge silver bow tied around it. Apparently October is a month when ghouls come out to play, so my extraordinarily handsome brood of vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches, doppelgänger, and hunters are back after what seemed like a very, very long summer break. The Vampire Diaries season five premiered on 3 October with its very much anticipated spin-off, The Originals right after {... must get my grubby hands on episode one!}. I will not elaborate further but do give TVD and The Originals a watch - it is in my opinion so much more addicting than Twilight!

And then there's silver lining number three. Since it is officially autumn on the other side of the equator, I decided to be brave and bust out all my autumn shaded lipsticks and wear them - to the office ... boldly.

My family, friends and colleagues ... including my Dior and Estee Lauder beauty consultants know that I steer clear of lipstick colours that aren't nude/natural in shade. Give me a bullet of lipstick in a colour that isn't warm and coral-ly nude/natural in shade, and my reaction will be that like a vampire is to vervain, or sunlight or garlic ... well, depending on which vampire you think to. My go-to's in the last year have been either Dior Addict Extreme in Silhouette or lately because I've ran out and gotten bored the Dior Addict in Diablotine. See - warm, coral-ly nude/natural shades.

However since Monday, I have been sporting Burberry's Lip Cover in Brick Red - nr.19 which I got as a sample when the husband bought me the Burberry Beauty Fresh Flow Luminous Fluid, Estee Lauder's Pure Gloss Long Lasting Rouge in Exotic Orchid - nr.65 which I got also as a sample when my mom came home with a bunch of goodies from Macy and yesterday, Dior's Serum de Rouge in Raspberry - nr.760 which I purchase when I was in Sephora Las Vegas donkey years ago but never used.

When swatched, the colours hardly look dark red/mauve-y but then it does morph about a shade or two darker on my lips compared to when applied on the back of my hand. I do look a little "vampy" but then I figured since it's fall ... why the heck not? Besides and surprisingly so I might add, it does bring some colour to my face contrary to what some say about dark lipsticks on a pale face. All I do in the morning is paint on a light layer of foundation especially over the dark circles and eye bags, colour the eyelids with a neutral shade, tight-line the upper waterline of the eyes and add some mascara to make them pop then brush on a light layer of blush for a rosy glow.

It's not much different from my usual routine from when I wear nude/natural lipstick shades ... the only tweak I did was to the eye shadow colour and the intensity of it. I tend to pile on a little more colour on the eyelids if I go au natural on the lips and a little less when I want to "vamp" it up.

Not quite sure what's gotten into me lately but a change in a rather mundane routine that has been the same day-in-day-out for over a year for me is really quite refreshing. I actually surprised myself by walking into the office with vampy lips earlier this week and not running into the ladies to wipe it off, replacing it with my usual au natural shades.

Perhaps it's the autumn state-of-mind I am in. Perhaps, this might not be a bad thing - a change is good and autumn is all about change, right? Hmm ... come to think of it, perhaps I should look into toning the vamp down a tad into a rosier shade come November when turkey season comes around and light it up in bright red when Santa's in town which would mean, lipstick shopping and just in time too since bonus is around the corner.

Oh dear ... what have I started?

Hope October has been treating you well and just out of curiosity, do you have seasonal makeup routines too ?