October 1, 2013

mixing and matching the l'oréal nutri-shimmer shampoo & nutri-sleek conditioner with fingers and toes crossed

It's amazing how vain a women {meaning me, in general} can get when age catches up. But then when I was in my tweens, I never had to worry about under eye bags, crows feet, patchy dry dull skin and nowadays - hair that looks like the end of Theodora's broomstick.

I recently updated my hair colour from my usual walnut-ish brown to an autumn-ish shade of maple leaf brown. It's lighter than what I'm used to but it does bring some colour to my pale noggin'. Unfortunately, the shiny shampoo-advert hair I was sporting post-salon visit only lasted until my next hair wash and I am now back to my usual broomstick hair phase; just more pronounced than usual since with my very autumnal hair shade.

So last weekend after reading a very dangerous post by ParisB, I decided to give the L'Oréal Mythic Oil Souffle d’or shampoo and conditioner a go and hunt down a L'Oréal Professional salon. Unfortunately, I made a quick stop by the local mall and blew my budget on baby formula and diapers - rolls your eyes at me all you want but there were on sale! So with my head hung very low, my Mythic Oil hair care range and visions of glorious hair days had to remain in all its ironic glory - mythical, for now. Le sigh.

Well ... looking on the bright side of things, my outing to the mall wasn't a total lost. I did go home with some L'Oréal; just not from the professional range but it has so far been working well for me and for the price I paid for the shampoo and conditioner duo, I really shouldn't complain.

Just like skincare, I don't buy the shampoo and conditioner from the same range and like to customize them according to my current hair needs. Since it's now in the Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch's broomstick phase and quite matching the Yellow Brick Road in colour, I chose the L'Oréal Nutri-Gloss {Light} shampoo give me some mirror shine and the L'Oréal Smooth-Intense conditioner with Nutrileum and silk protein to deal with my frizzy and rebellious hair.

After a single use, I am quite please to report that my hair has recovered "some" shine and the frizziness has somewhat lessened. Its been a week of daily hair washes and my hair is quite soft to the touch and doesn't stick out everywhere it's not suppose to ... well, most of it anyway. I suspect with continued use, my noggin' wouldn't be mistaken for Theodora's broomstick bits anymore.

As for the mythical Mythic Oil Souffle d’or shampoo and conditioner, which is currently packaged in a promotional coffret set retailing at nrp RM96 and comes with a free deluxe sized Mythic Oil sample - it will have to remain in my Wish List until next month or the month after if the dang milk formula and diapers go on sale again ... unless Santa decides to take pity on me and give me an early Christmas present {erm ... wink! wink?}. 
Have you tried L'Oréal's "famous" Mythic Oil range for your tresses or are you like me who mix & matches her shampoo and conditioner with both fingers and toes crossed in hope that they work wonders?