October 9, 2013

get your passport ready because we're going on a journey to distant shores with crabtree & evelyn!

Just as I was about crack my knuckles and dig in into my year-end reports, Logan comes by my cubicle and plonks this on my desk ... oh, my giddy aunt - and giddy I am because Oh!-to-the-Mmm-to-the-Gee!, look at the bottle and vintage-ness of it! {slaps self - breath, woman}.

Infused with fourty years of expertise in fragrance foraging and drawing on the knowledge of where to source for the most beautifully scented botanicals, Crabtree & Evelyn's Heritage Collection celebrates these very four decades with seven limited edition compositions - from the classic scent of the Mediterranean coastline to the ancient cities of Europe, it is available in three old world exquisite Flower Waters and four Eau de Cologne. The scents aren't gender specifics even though the bottle looks it.

Just writing that last paragraph has me itching to run out of my office and drive to the nearest Crabtree & Evelyn store. Right ... while I am still relatively calm and glued to my seat for fear of being issued an MIA memo by Human Resources, here's the line up of the seven scents available in the Heritage Collection and we begin with the Eau de Colognes.

Let's first journey to the ancient cities of Europe and start off in Old Windsor. Located by the river coast and surrounded by old oak forest, it is fabled to be once home to kings and queens of old. The entire area is filled with a natural beauty and this particular Eau de Cologne was created to highlight the refined English style and luxury with a blend of bergamot, bitter orange, lemon verbena, lavender and sandalwood.

Neopolitan Bergamot is a fragrance that transfers vividly the magical moment of an Italian morning; the freshness of the air and the first rays of the sun. Romantic and refreshing, it is apparently truly Neapolitan. Its notes convey the spirit of adventure in exploring the Mediterranean coast. The composition accentuates bergamot and lemon reflecting a radiant sunrise over the bay, accompanied by ginger, lavender and thyme that transmit sensations of sea breezes.

Next, we journey with the Arab traders to Seville, where they planted trees of bitter orange. Old trees still stand on the streets or in yards to this day and fills the city with its delicious scents to this day. The composition in Sevillian Neroli is inspired by the scent of Seville's bitter orange tree and reinterpreted with notes of luminous neroli, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, white tea, cedar and cloves.

Our final destination takes us back to the 14th century, to where the Royal House in Budapest received a rejuvenating perfumed elixir with the promise of eternal youth. Hungary Water takes its influence from an original Crabtree & Evelyn rosemary recipe, blended with uplifting notes of pink pepper, spearmint, cypress and geranium.

Then, there are the flower waters which takes us from beautiful Florence to the romantic city of Venice and finally, the luxurious Silk Road.

Florentine Freesia Flower Water is described to be like a journey over the golden bridge to the magnificent harbor and gorgeous palaces from the ancient times. The floral-fruity union accentuates Italian notes of freesia, cyclamen and lily of the valley, mixed with orange and pear zest. This floral-fruity essence is warmed by hot amber.

Gracious violet flowers embellish the romantic bridges of Venice in the Venetian Violet Flower Water;, spreading wonderful velvety powdery scent. Violet flowers are a symbol of purity and modesty, and they play the leading role in this fragrance. The composition provides the classic scent of violets complemented by fruity notes of lychee, raspberry and peach.

Jasmine came to Europe via the Silk Road, and became one of the most appreciated flowers for its elegant, clean and pleasant scent. Old World Jasmine Flower Water has white jasmine in the heart of its composition and is surrounded by beautiful scents of of cyclamen, gardenia and a creamy luminous citrus aroma.

Phew! Next to the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch in my Christmas Wish List this year to which I will ramble on about in another post ... it looks like this Christmas for the family this year will be a quite a journey. I'm thinking of sending the husband to either Italy or Seville for some citrusy crispness while I might just take a trip to Florence, Venice and the Silk Road myself. Greedy woman, aren't I?

Oh well, if all else fails and my bank account refuses to cooperate with me {... and it hasn't for an entire year!}, I could always print out a bunch of vintage-y chalkboard tags from Lia Griffith in some fancy-smancy script, tie a string around it and hang if off my perfume bottles.
How about yourself ... where would you like to journey to with Crabtree & Evelyn?

As usual, the fine print.

The Crabtree & Evelyn Heritage Collection is limited edition and all fragrances will be available in stores nationwide mid-October. Each fragrance is sized at 100ml and retails for nrp RM205 each.

However, if you are a Crabtree & Evelyn VIP Member, you can purchase any one Heritage fragrance at RM168 or two at RM268.

And while stock last and open to all, with purchase of RM300 nett and above in a single receipt, you will receive a 50ml shower gel, a 50ml body lotion and a limited edition Heritage Travel Book {it is gorgeous!}. This particular promotion is valid from 15 October to 5 November 2013.

Bon voyage!