September 10, 2013

REN moroccan rose otto body wash & bath oil - a fantastic nerve detangling duo for an exhausted and sick mama on holiday

Last weekend, the family was in Penang - I was expecting a lot of heat and a lot of sand. Well ... we got a lot of sand but instead of heat, we got rain - and a lot of it.

The kids were stuck indoors most of the time and this mama was exhausted! Being sick didn't help either so I busted out the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash and Bath Oil duo which I got a couple of months back at the Lilac Encounter with REN at Kens Apothecary - boy, was I glad I brought them with me because this duo did wonders to my stressed out nerves and achy bits.

A quick lather with the body wash in the warm shower and a fifteen minute soak in a full tub of warm water mixed with a few drops of bath oil not only untangled my nerves, it also left my skin surprisingly soft and moisturised. There was also subtle hint of fragrance left on my skin but that only lasted about half an hour or so on me.

Now ... I love roses and I have quite a collection of rose-y bath and beauty products but when it comes to actually smelling like a rose, unfortunately the REN Moroccan Rose Otto don't quite cut it for me because it reminds me too much of our Malaysian teh ros or rose tea you get at the local mamak but other than the scent, they are not bad products to have around especially when your nerves are all frayed and tangled up in a knot.

BODY WASH NRP RM109 { 200ML }; BATH OIL NRP RM159 { 110ML }