September 13, 2013

writing - your comments and feedback needed

Not a typical "Creative Friday!" sort of post but I have been working on a little something the last couple of months, thanks to an overload of Sophie Kinsella, Lauren Weisberger, EL James and whoever else is on my bookshelf. Now, I'm suffering from what an actual author would call "a writer's block".

However, I am no author - good grief no but I like writing and thought I'd give it a whirl and see how it goes and where it leads me. So, here's a little excerpt of what I'm working on and I would love to hear your feedback and comments ... pretty much what you think, in general or in detail or whatever pops into your mind. I've got a little more than what's written below but thought I'd post this to test the waters first.

When I was a little girl, my mother would read me fairytales of beautiful princesses meeting ugly toads, trolls and the likes and the tale would always unfold the same way, no matter what the plot or subplot was. The beautiful princess would kiss the ugly whatever and it would magically transform into a handsome prince. Then, the age old enchanted tradition of falling in love and living happily ever after in a colossal castle will follow thereafter ... the end.

Well, I was four years old then and very impressionable. So, naturally after having my head filled with delicious tales of handsome princes, falling in love and living happily ever after by my mother and Hollywood alike, I grew up with high expectations of love.

Unfortunately, reality sucks and love hurts more than giving birth. Well, I personally have not experienced childbirth but I have friends who have and I absolutely agree with what they have to say about the comparison.

You see, before you give birth to a child, your body would have had almost nine months to prepare and scare itself silly for the physical pain and mental anguish so when it hits the 57 dels of pain that some claim women go through, you’d already be expecting it. You also have a little help from the pain medication department in the likes of epidural or Pitocin. After that, your body will mend itself within a few days and you’ll feel brand new, well almost. But most importantly, at the end of the day ... at the end of it all, you’ll be surrounded with love from the husband, the family and most of all, unconditional love by your little bundle of joy.

However when you fall out of love, it’s a completely different story altogether – it’s quite the extreme opposite and to this I can totally attest to. For starters, you don’t have nine months to prepare yourself. Heck, you don’t even have nine minutes – it happens so suddenly, it’s like getting hit by a freight train just when you realize you’re standing on the tracks. Your body doesn’t feel 57 dels of pain. Your heart does, but it feels more like a 1,000 dels and the pain keeps on coming – it completely maims you wherever you are. You get no help at all from the pain medication department – none, because what can you give a broken heart?

Let’s face it, your best friend’s shoulder, shots of vodka, bags of potato chips, boxes of pizzas or pints of Ben and Jerry isn’t pain medication. Not only does it not take away the pain, it brings on another type of pain that you do not need – the pain of realization and horror as you stand on the weighing scale and the excruciating pain of exercising to lose it. Your heart takes an eternity to heal, sometimes not at all and you will constantly be inopportunely surrounded by movies and music that will mockingly remind you, one way or another of the heartbreak wherever you go.

Love however, is also not without a sense of humor with a pinch of irony thrown in. Just when you think you’ve suffered enough, she tosses someone totally unexpected at you and if you could, you’d probably take a step back, narrow your eyes at her and frown shouting, really?!

In my case, she threw {insert name of handsome and sexy guy of your choice here ... like Ian Somerhalder - tee hee} at me or rather, if I remember the circumstances correctly, she literally hurled me in his path– it was the worst year of my existence although I have to admit, it was intertwined with some of the best moments.

This, is not a love story of epic proportions like that of Gone with the Wind or one that spans a few decades like The Notebook nor is it non-stop tear inducing like P.S. I Love You. This is a story of how I learned to let go, heal and fall in love ... all over again.

So ... would you be interested to further read what happened and meet all the characters in the pages I've saved?

Thanks for your time!