September 14, 2013

anna sui mousse eyeshadow

Anna Sui's Black Veil 2012 Holiday cosmetic collection is all about black lace and shimmers so when I purchased the limited edition makeup kit in 01 Seductive Spell at the Luxasia Malaysia Sale a few months back, it didn't surprise me at all that the mousse eyeshadow shone as bright as a lit up disco ball.

Packaged in a heavy sleek glass jar with a screw-on black plastic cap printed with Anna Sui's signature roses which is background-lined with a hint of lace - it took me quite a long while, like two months to build up enough courage to wear this shade anywhere. I was hesitant because I wanted to love Anna Sui's makeup as much as I loved her Secret Wish perfume but was worried I might end up hating it because well ... it was pink and had shimmers in it.

Before I hand you my verdict, let me give you a 101 to Anna Sui's 2012 Black Veil limited edition makeup kits. Yup, you read right - it's plural. Fact is, there are two kits; 01 Seductive Spell which is pink hued and 02 Alluring Charm which is purple hued.

I went with the first kit because it was warmer in tone compared to the latter which was cooler, eventhough I had severe reservations about the blush which is a really bright shade of pink, if not almost fuschia and I am not a girl who would buy fuschia in a blush ... ever. But oh well, it was on sale and the crazy in me won so 01 Seductive Spell with the almost-fuschia blush went home with me.

Now that you know that this makeup kit is all about pink ... like me, you would be expecting a shimmery pink eyeshadow, right? Like me, you'd be wrong too - the Anna Sui Mousse Eyeshadow E in 01 or Sparkling Pink actually shows up light pinkish-brown in the glass jar but turns into a warm shade of sparkly champagne tinged with copper when applied onto my skin. It's quite a surprisingly natural and flattering colour on my lids - minus the sparklies but once blended in, it wasn't very obvious and looked more like I had dewy lids or something along those lines. I suck at makeup terminology.

I like that the formula is gel-based and spreads evenly. It even has a cooling sensation and dries relatively quick. The colour lasts up to four hours on my oily lids, unprimed and I suspect it would longer if I took the time to prime my lids. The only downside to this formula though is that you have to be careful not to apply too much because the shimmer tends to migrate all over if you accidentally touch or worse, rub your eyes ... it will go everywhere and your face might shine in all the wrong places.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad buy at all for RM40 during the sale. The entire set also included the almost-fuschia blush or in Anna Sui terms; the Cheek Color E in Rose Red - which I will write about later, the Lip Gloss E in Brilliant Red and a black lace clutch.

Did you manage to haul this during the Luxasia Malaysia sale ... how did you find it?