August 14, 2013

yves rocher florida orange shower gel

The only word I can come up with when referring to Yves Rocher's Florida Orange Shower Gel is "zing!" - the infamous word used by Count Dracula {... bleh! ble! bleh!} when he met his wife, Martha and also later experienced by his daughter Mavis when she met Johnny - all in the movie Hotel Transylvania - but in a citrusy sort of way. {Smacks self on back of head ... "citrusy sort of way"?!. Good grief! I have to stop watching all these animated movies with my kids}.

Right ... back to the subject at hand. Bleh! ble! Bleh! ... hehe. I couldn't help myself. 

Part of the Jardins du Monde range which literally translates into Gardens of the World, Yves Rocher's Florida Orange Shower Gel is the perfect scent to wake up to in the mornings. It packs just the right amount of citrusy punch while its fresh and sweet yet subtle tangy fragrance lingers on for a good half hour after you've step out of the shower. 

What I love most about this formula is that it really does smell like freshly sliced oranges - but with bubbles. Getting a shower gel to smell as its name implies especially in a shower gel seems to be something I find only Yves Rocher gets right - like their Fraîche Rose shower gel I reviewed a few months ago. Lathering up isn't bad either - I usually squirt a little - about the size of a five cent coin on my loofah and it's enough for a bubbly and invigorating shower experience that is absolutely addicting, that is if you love citrus.

So, would I recommend Yves Rocher's Florida Orange Shower Gel? Yes I would, that is if you can look past the RM9 price tag for a 200 ml plastic bottle that although closes shut with a satisfying "click!", can prove challenging to open especially when you well manicured fingernails.

Have you tried this orange orchard in the bottle ... whaddya think?