August 28, 2013

updating my closet with dots and stripes

I love shopping for my office wear on Mango online out of sheer convenience. The cut on their clothes don't run too much from season to season making shopping a breeze for me since I already know if it'll fit since their designs usually stay true to size - just be sure to order a size down from your normal size for designs that has the word "oversize" in the description, unless you're going for look from da 'hood.

For their Spring/Summer collection launched late last year, Mango featured quite a lot of turquoise and teal in solid colours in their collection together with a small offering of pastels and florals; some of which ended up in my closet. Now, it seems for the Fall/Winter collection, the polka dots, stripes and animal prints are back because it's everywhere on Mango online -well, perhaps "everywhere" is a tad exaggerated but you can definitely see a trend happening there next to the beautiful florals in earthy fall colours launched online today.

As much as I love the convenience of shopping on Mango online, I find the newer designs and cut they're trying to bring in a little too much for me to take in. This same time last year, I was practically drooling over every single piece on the website and my wishlist was ridiculously full - this year, not so much. The fabrics used are getting thinner and designs are too edgy and almost "ghetto-like" making it unsuitable for office wear. Fortunately, there are a few pieces that aren't too bad; classic and similar in cut to some of the pieces I already own but in different prints or colours - like these, which I am hoping to snag ... soon, if I can find my wallet which has gone into hiding.


However, the one piece I'm not sure about but would love to own is this one - a polka dot jersey blazer. A jersey blazer I get, but in polka dots and for the office?

Hmm ... what do you think - would you wear a polka dot blazer to the office and how would you pull off this look if you would?