August 24, 2013

thelilacbox 4. a review

When a posh black box wraped with a silver Jimmy Choo Parfum ribbon landed by desk, I kept my fingers crossed that the products inside were wow-worthy because these days, it takes quite a bit to motivate me into writing a review especially. I sometimes find myself going, "... but I've already found something that works for me. Do I really want to rock the boat and give something else a try?"

Well, that and Pinterest which I blame for bringing out the holiday DIY mood in me, in August. Every single time I switch on the computer at home, I'll either be on Pinterest or doodling away on Photoshop attempting a design or two while on Pinterest at the same time. Yes, I am such a Pinterest junkie.

Right ... back to the subject at hand. How did the fourth edition of Thelilacbox fair this time around? Given the fact that I have been spoilt for choice by another beauty box, I still think the guys have done a darn good job this time too.

Box four of Thelilacbox features nine products, all of which are either full, travel or deluxe size. Yup, no satchets! Inside hid a whole lot of 'Flash' and snake skin, a Lady Gaga crossed with a Cruella de Ville look-a-like and where there is la français, there the Anglais must be too. If you're all "... huh?!" right now, let me break that down for you.

First up - we have not one but two sample vial of Jimmy Choo parfums; there's the original Jimmy Choo which came enveloped in a snakeskin-like cover and his latest offering, Flash. Both the fragrances aren't up my alley of scents as they are ... well, in a more delicate way of putting it - too warm and womanly for me. Right now, I prefer the cooler gourmande scents so my cubicle neighbor is now enjoying them both; finger-trigger happily spraying and 'flashing' everyone who comes near with her Jimmy Choo's.

Next up and for the tresses - L'Oréal Serie Expert Liss Ultime Polymer AR 100ml smoothing shampoo & 75ml smoothing masque for unmanageable hair duo which seems to be making its fair share of rounds in all the beauty boxes. This is my second set but I suppose a girl can never have enough hair masque that promises smoothing effects - especially when this gal has the witches' broomsticks for hair with travel plans penned in the books in the coming weeks.

Then there's this - a 100ml bottle of L'Oreal's Mademoiselle infinium® in a limited edition bottle designed by Charlie le Mindu; a hairstylist-cum-designer who has built his career on all that is shocking, outrageous and beautifully bizarre. He's also famous for his unusual approach to millinery, which includes Minotaur horns and a creepy mask - among his latest offerings and his London Fashion Week catwalk controversy.

I'm not too sure what to make of this particular product as I have not gone near a bottle of hairspray since my wedding day ... five years ago. The closest I got to hairspray after that was watching the hawtie James Marsden sing about it. However, this product apparently boasts strong hold with shine ... so, we'll see very very soon how true all those claims are since I have been lined up for something I have reluctantly and most begrudgingly submitted myself to, at five stinking am in the morning for three stinking days ... sigh.

Right, all that aside we now move on to what's right of my desk. The French who contributed Sothy's Hydravance and the Masque Hydra-Nourrissant; each weighing in at 15ml to the box. I haven't given this duo a try yet because I'm not quite ready to rock the boat with REN and my dragon's blood ... just yet.

Next up and to the right of my desk, one out of two of my favourite items in the whole box - the very English Crabtree & Evelyn Tarroco Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage tube of hand cream, weighing in at 25g.

Finally, the product that actually made me squeal - a full size bottle of OPI's "Into The Night", a beautiful dark sapphire blue reminiscent of the "Le Cœur de la Mer" jewel with slight shimmer that adds a depth that is eerie yet gorgeous at the same time. The formula is quite sheer so you will need to apply and let dry about three times to achieve the opacity you see in the photos below, which I borrowed from Ommorphia Beauty Bar because I suck at taking any sort of nail lacquers photos. That and the fact that I totally forgot to bring the bottle out with me because I hid it away from prying little baby hands ... aka lil Ee who is in her raid-mama's-lipgloss-and-nail-lacquer phase.

Now, since this is part of The Amazing Spiderman collection, I already have a mini bottle of this so maybe, just maybe I might offer this up for grabs in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled and shift your stalking ability in gear!

So there you have it. With three boxes under their belt and each edition selling out faster than the previous, I personally feel that the the guys at Thelilacbox can't stray too far off with their latest. They've done a pretty phenomenal job so far and I think the only people they need to outdo would have to be themselves.

So, will I be subscribing to their fifth box? Without a doubt and hopefully they might include some makeup items {... psst! Like Burberry, please} in the next edition because this thirtysomething is in serious need of some new toys to play with!