August 12, 2013

christian siriano for payless shoes is fierce!

Whenever I hear the name Christian Siriano, the first thing that comes to my mind are the words "fierce couture" - if you watched season four of Project Runway, you will understand why.

Best known for his couture pieces featuring a lot of ruffles, feathers and headwear which he featured quite a lot that season - shoes and at Payless, is not something I come to expect from this twenty-something designer. Yet while strolling down the aisles at Payless Shoes last weekend, I chanced upon this magnificent pair of Christian Siriano for Payless stilletos and fell absolutely in love. Yes, it was also very light and extremely comfortable even at over 3" high.

The one downer to this glorious, glorious sight in azure was that it was half a size too small. I so badly wanted to squeeze me fat feet into it but the all the buldging squishiness just made it look wrong. Or I would have hugged it all the way home, took a gazamillion photos and bombed you guys with a post on every single gorgeous faux golden stud and leopord spots on it.

There is a pair that is my size but it's in deep fuschia, which is gorgeous but what's stopping me is the fact that the shoe is suede and put that together with a light colour and our Malaysian weather just does not bode well especially when it comes to scratches and scuff marks.

What do you think ... would you hug a pair of RM89 designer shoes home and snap a gazamillion photos even it's not in a colour you want?