July 16, 2013

wish & win full-sized beauty goodies with vanitytrove ... oh, yes please!

Since I'm on a roll updating my VanityTrove profile, I thought I'd share this little piece of awesomeness with you ... if you didn't already know, that is.

Again, the steps to this are really simple.
  1. Head on over to VanityTrove and log-on into your account or register one, if you haven't already done so.
  2. Complete your Beauty Profile.
  3. Add any products your heart desires from the many, many, many brands into your Wishlist.
  4. Like the brand of the product you added onto your Wishlist.
  5. Write a review and like more products.
Super simple, right? Now the final step ... go find a four-leaf or carry a faux rabbit's foot with you or like me, cross your fingers and toes too and then hope for the best; just remember to find someone to uncross them for you after a while.

Good luck!