July 15, 2013

the all new customizable vanitytrove. you read right. Customizable!

Beauty boxes are the in-thing nowadays. Every beauty blog out there would have reviewed at least ONE beauty box and almost every one of them would have used the term, "a monthly surprise in a box" at least once to describe it. Whether it's a pleasant surprise or an otherwise not so pleasant one, beauty boxes essentially comes with a subscription fee and is packed with products which you don't have much say nor control over ... BUT what if you did?

Introducing the brand new smart system of personalising your beauty box experience - the customizable VanityTrove. Yes, you read right - customizable, and the mechanics of it all is really simple.

Just in case ... here's a step by step account on how to start curating your first customised trove of beauty goodies. First up ... register for an account here, if you don't already have one.

Then head on over to your Beauty Profile page and answer a few simple questions. I suppose you can think of your Beauty Profile page like a Facebook page but filled with beauty products from the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes.

Next, stoke your lemmings by adding a "Like" to your favourite brand and products. This step is particularly important as not only does it tell VanityTrove what you really want to try but also help them make it available for you.

You can also write a review, read what others wrote, add friends and see what's on their list. Who knows, you might find a a new gem-of-a-product or pick up a makeup trick. I found a new product love and I'm am hoping to win that ... but I'll leave that for another post.

Once you've completed your Beauty Profile, you'll be brought to the product selection page. Squeal in delight and then start selecting the products you want to try. Don't fret if the product you would like to try isn't there - just be sure to like the brand and product and VanityTrove will do the rest.

Your customized trove will be delivered within seven days upon confirmation of payment so give it a few days before you begin stalking your front door or the doorbell ... or both.

Just in case you're wondering how many products you get to add to your customizable trove, it actually depends on your membership plan. VanityTrove Malaysia offers four different categories as listed below.