July 29, 2013

my luxasia malaysia 2013 sale haul

So last weekend, I attended my first ever Luxasia Malaysia sale held at Park Royal KL. I arrived early on the second day of the sale all hyped and geared up for some similar Rebecca Bloomwood-like action when she went for the sample sale - loads of squealing and pushing and cat-fighting over Gucci.

Well, Hollywood will most definitely go bust if it were based in Malaysia because we Malaysian gals are a very subdued bunch. The cornered off pathway to the hall was empty and the hall itself was only quarter filled with not very excited looking shoppers.

So ... how was the sale, you might ask?

Let's see. I was ready to get me some Burberry lipsticks, eye-shadows and blush plus some Guerlain lipsticks but I ended up with these instead:

Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT; Salvatore Ferragamo Lovely Flower; Issey Miyake Pleats Please Body Lotion, Anna Sui eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss with lace purse set and Guerlain Automatique lipstick. Total damage dealt - RM280.

Not bad seeing the total nrp would have cost me quite close to a grand but I am slightly disappointed at what was being offered probably because I was in it for the cosmetics, and the only cosmetics on sale were very selected items from the Anna Sui and Guerlain lines - the Rouge G lipsticks were also sold out on the first day itself. Fragrances enthusiasts would have had a field day though because there were plenty to select from with the exception of Chloe and Burberry, which were missing in action.

I might have hyped myself up way too much by reading posts on Luxasia Singapore's sale held last month. Perhaps next year, I'll go on the first day and with lower expectations.

So, did you go to the Luxasia Malaysia sale last weekend ... were you wow-ed?