July 31, 2013

my customised vanitytrove malaysia

VanityTrove Malaysia launched its new concept of a fully customized beauty trove of products a couple of weeks back and after what seemed like forever staring at the computer screen, unable to decide on which products I wanted - I am glad to annouce that my very first customized trove have arrived and as promised; within seven days of confirmed payment.

It is definitely a "Yes!" from me simply because I get to be the maestro in what went into this trove ... my trove. I quite like this concept; having the ability to control what products go in which makes the product hits my rave and the product misses my rant - it's perfect for this particularly picky thirtysomething mama with an addiction to trying new products.

There is a catch though. You will need to instil three things within you. One, patience which you will need while waiting for new products to be added. Two, the ability to stalk the list of products on a regular basis and finally, three - a firm mind to decide which items you want to add to your beauty trove. And if all else fails, grab yourself a few cuppas of whatever sparks your mojo and set an alarm to remind you to stalk the list here.

Once you've mastered these skills or have sparked your mojo, you'll be well on your way to thoroughly enjoying this addictive experience. Well, that and the fact that you will also need RM50 to feed that addiction but hey! - totally worth it when it arrives at your doorstep, right?

So, will I continue on with a second customized VanityTrove? Absolutely - in fact, I already have!

{ ... psst! Rodial's Dragon Blood Sculpting Gel is on the list and it's going fast!}