July 24, 2013

luxasia malaysia branded fragrances and cosmetics 2013 sale

... breath in, breath out. Repeat and if all else fails, squeal in delight anyways and then go run around the house with your arms flailing in the air screaming in squeaky tones, "I am so so so so so going!" - well, that was me five minutes ago. 

Now that I am much calmer, courtesy of TheLilacBox on Facebook - I present to you very glad tiding from Luxasia Malaysia; this. 

For those of you who are squealing and running around the room now, I guess I shall see you there! No bags allowed though ...

For those of you who don't know what the big hype about this sale is all about, then here's a little equation for ya. Imagine your favourite premium fragrance or cosmetic from Burberry Beauty or Guerlain or Chloé ... well, just to name a few and then subtract 70% off the counter nrp - running around with both hands flailing in the air and squealing yet?

Told ya :-)