July 25, 2013

here's what to you get when you blend frozen bananas, avocadoes and vanilla ice cream for the kids ...

A very happy toddler who thinks her mama is the "bestest frooit and ice cream blenderer" in the whole wide world and proceeds to wallop the bowl of frozen blended moosh down by the baby spoonful.

Then there's this little fellow; a frustrated baby brother who is all fidgetty and impatient waiting for his turn at the bowl of frozen blended moosh because his big sister is hogging the bowl.

My poor baby boy ... but I am glad to report that he had his fill of the frozen blended moosh after this photo was taken because the big sister's attention turned to a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip hazelnut filled bread. If I can say so myself ... yummo! {pat on the back}.

Back to the subject at hand - I decided to make a bowl of creamy frozen treat for my kids last weekend because they were on their best behaviour - something that does not happen often; like in a blue moon with hints of purple and pink in it. Yep, it is that rare, folks.

Anyway, here's a must-have photo of the infamous bowl of pout-inducing frozen blended moosh. Nope, it is not a pretty sight and might be visually goose-bump inducing to some because of its greenish grey hue and banana yellow bits in it. But hey! ... it actually tastes just like a banana smoothie thanks to the creamy avocado and the sweetness from the vanilla ice cream, minus a few calories :-)

So, if you would like to try this out with your kids {or for yourself}, here's how I made mine.

  1. Freeze three ripe bananas in the freezer overnight then take out and allow to semi-thaw - still half frozen but able to peel off the skin with it sticking.
  2. Toss the sliced bananas and one ripe avocado into blender cup, add one tablespoon of vanilla ice cream and blend away - I used my trusty Kenwood handheld blender for this because a blender was just too big in volume.
  3. Adjust the consistency with water - enjoy!
You can adjust the consistency with full cream milk for an extra kick of creaminess but I would not recommend doing so if you are feeding this to an infant below twelve months as there's already ice cream in the mix. Paediatricians do not recommend feeding infants under twelve months of age cow's milk as their little bodies cannot digest the milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula.
"Cow's milk contains high concentration of protein and minerals which can tax your baby's immature kidneys. In addition, cow's milk doesn't have the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for infants. It may even cause iron-deficiency anemia in some babies, since cow's milk protein can irritate the lining of the digestive system, leading to blood in the stools. Finally, cow's milk doesn't provide the healthiest types of fat for growing babies." - Baby Center
Having said that ... always and I do mean it, always check with your paediatrician before incorporating anything you're unsure of in your infant's diet. If you would like to incorporate full cream milk in your infant's diet like I did here, please do wait until they are at almost a year old {lil Kai is 11 months old now} and in very ... and I repeat, very moderate amounts. 

Otherwise a blended mix of frozen bananas, avocados and water will taste just a awesome. Bon appétit!