July 18, 2013

heading off for some me time ... for a week

First off - nope, I am not going on hiatus. Well, sort off but only for a week. June and July have been particularly crazy for me. My August and September schedule is just as hectic, if not even more so ... so I figured I'd best find some inner zen now or I'll be completely burnt out by the time Christmas comes around.

I've also scheduled quite a bit of DIY projects around the house - a few things that don't require a lot of time to complete but I have been putting them off for more than half a year now.

With Christmas around the corner and us planning a Christmas party, I think it's time I stopped procrastinating and started procraftinating instead so I'll have more time to indulge myself in seasonal shopping. Yes, I also realise that "around the corner" is approximately five months away but for a thirtysomething mama with a toddler and an infant and a full time job, five months isn't very far off.



I'm leaving you some teaser images of what is to come on thethirtysomething in coming weeks - loads of DIY projects while I attempt to turn our house into a home, inspired by the fabulous Emily from Jones Design Company and DIY goddess Lia Griffith and of course, product reviews from brands in the likes of Philosphy, Guerlain and my favourite, Dior to name a few.

Stay tuned ... à bientôt!

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