July 4, 2013

chalkboard art without the chalk mess

While browsing through the DIY & Craft section on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I found that home made chalk paint and chalkboard art was the craze. Personally, I hate chalkboards or blackboards as they are known here in Malaysia - just the thought of chalk residue between my fingers is enough to make me run screaming to the nearest sink. I know, weird but then everyone is entitled to a pet peeve, right? Mine just happens to be chalk residue { ... shudders}.

So ... back to the subject at hand - chalk paint and chalkboard art. Right. Let's forget about chalk paint because that's definitely not happening for me. Chalkboard art - now that I can handle especially when it's digital.

Lil Ee will be turning four in a few weeks. In between the little projects here and there for our home and her birthday party, I decided to take a break and dabble in chalkboard art. The whole project was actually inspired by a quote I saw on the Internet and it morphed into this ...

I think it's a very apt quote for our home given the state it is now in ... The original artwork is credited to Christina at The DIY Mommy. I know both our designs are quite similar as I loved some of the fonts she used but I also changed some because they were just too pretty not to be included!

After that was done, I decided to do another one but then I didn't know what I wanted. So, after loads of inserting and deleting, I came up with this ...

It's a chalkboard print describing my little girl as she turns four. I intentionally left the little photo placeholder blank - that little whimsical spot is reserved for a photo of lil Ee blowing out the candles on her birthday cake during her party coming up soon which I will then print, trim to fit and paste. Art is all about delayed gratification, if only my patience agreed.

I'm thinking about turning this into a tradition with both my kids - but let's take it one day at a time and see if I can keep this up with lil Kai's big one-O coming up in a few months. If I do pull this off, the husband's going to have to build me a bigger house so I can hang all the frames { ... the husband is totally rolling his eyeballs at moi}.

If you're interested in trying this out for yourself, you can download a similar chalkboard background here and stock up on the fonts here. I also didn't use the fancy smancy Photoshop either - both the prints were actually done up with PhotoScape, which you can download here.

I hope you've been inspired. Happy chalkboard-ing!