July 17, 2013

a quick guide to the despicable me minions

Minions are adorable. Well, them and the elves from Rise Of The Guardians but then it's not Christmas, yet so I suppose minions rule ... for now.

They've actually taken off better than the elves and also the animals from The Lorax but if you've been hiding underneath a banana peel and have no idea what a minion is, then do click here to read all about them on the Minion Wikia - yes, they have an entire Wiki to themselves. Told ya they were huge, not literally that is.
Anyway, while surfing the web for minion ideas for a project I am working on due end of this month, I found a "light bulb!"; a reference to who's who in the minion company ... kind of a definitive guide to the names of the different minions found in the first Despicable Me movie.

So, if you're like me who have had to endure close to six dozen rewinds of Despicable Me and wondering which minion is which, do check out the guide after the jump.

Click on image to view original size guide. 
Image taken from here.