June 30, 2013

our first home grown oregano harvest

If I had to name one gene I did not inherit from my dad, it would have to be the green thumb gene. It's a known fact on my side of the family that by sixteen, I am most definitely capable of turning a cactus homicidal ... three times. 

Now that I am thirty something, I like to think I am wiser when it comes to plants so I decided to try my hands at herb gardening and after six months of watering and pruning, I managed to harvest my very first bunch of home grown oregano { ... pat on shoulders}.

It's not a huge bunch and it's not the juiciest nor is it the prettiest but it's enough to tie the husband and I over until out next harvest, provided I have not "accidentally murdered" the poor thing first. 

Our home grown oregano harvest is now drying in the oven; fan forced at 50 degrees Celsius and should be done ... well, when it's done. It's a first for me so I'm just going to play it by ear.

My next "Endeavor Not To Kill" herb will be the rosemary and basil - wish me luck!