June 20, 2013

my love affair with dior ...

... was cememted on one crisp autumn afternoon on The Strip in Las Vegas. I wandered into Sephora because it was on my "Places To Wander In While In USA" list. An hour or so later, I wandered out with my very first Dior purchase and I have never looked back since.

My very first Dior purchase comprised of the Dior Crème de Rose lipbalm, the Dior Sérum de Rouge lipstick and the Diorshow Brow Styler which came with a miniature Dior mascara. All that was two years ago. Needless to say, my Dior collection has grown since ...

Even while enroute home from New York onboard Cathay Pacific, I added the Dior Minaudière Fards Paupières et Gloss nr. 002 to my collection. I didn't know then it was part of Dior's 2010 Holiday collection and was a limited edition item - I bought it simply because I was on a Dior high and because it was absolutely stunning from every single angle.


My collection isn't of epic proportions like some girlfriends I know {you know who you are} but Dior and I are quite happy. It will be three years come November and I look forward to adding more memories in the years to come - perhaps this Christmas.

So ... are you in a love affair with Dior too?