May 14, 2013

the lilac box : third edition - a hit or miss?

A couple of weeks ago, the three guys at Thelilacbox announced that subscription for edition three was opened and hinted that it would be their best box to-date. I received my box yesterday morning and had a little over twenty-four hours to absorb it all in. So, was it a hit a was it a miss ... let's see, shall we?

First up, the packaging; sturdy and eco-friendly as usual which I personally love because the DIY possibilities are endless on a blank canvas. I am still tinkering with my project so do check back on me soon {hint : late June/early July}. 

For this edition, the three guys did something different. I am all for new ideas and absolutely welcome change but let's just say my reaction when I opened the protective cardboard wrapper wasn't one of "wow!" ... it was more of "huh?"

Sorry guys. I get where you're going but unfortunately I think the design of the lace, the doily and your eco-box clashes. If I could be so bold to perhaps suggest just pasting your signature sticker on the top right corner without any embellishments in your next box then line the inside with colour paper tissue & shredder paper in either your signature colour or just in tan/beige will be uber classy. If you're ever aiming for vintage, you could add a paper flower from a printed page like a rose, anemone, poppy or my favourite - the ranunculus ... girls do love flowers, even paper ones :-)

{ image credit : lia griffith from }

Let's dive into the products. This edition is actually one of my favourite because of the brands the guys included; Babor, Chloé, Max Factor, Payot, Phyto and Yves Rocher. Yup, you counted right - six premium brands from all over Europe but there are actually eight products inside. For only RM49, this is a steal in my books. Well done, guys!


Anyhow, let's break things down. My favourite product inside would definite be without a doubt my little vial of SeeByChloé by Chloé - yes, I love this fragrance to bits. Come to think of it, I think more so than Anna Sui's Secret Wish. I'm looking forward to getting myself a full-sized bottle come Christmas, if the bottom line in my account allows me to after checking Guerlain off my wishlist :-)

Next in line would definitely be the Phyto Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm since this mama's hair is still suffering from the chicken-coop-wire syndrome, so frizzy that Mufasa might be proud to call it his mane. Sigh.

I tried a pea-sized amount on my freshly washed hair this morning and so far, I am quite liking the results. The fact that it's as green on my hair and the environment as it's going to get, makes me like it a tad more than I should especially at this initial stage. However, I suspect I didn't use enough product since I am still sporting a mane, but at least it's a tamed one. Let's give this a few more tries to see if it does works wonders as claimed by the rave reviews its been receiving online.

My third favourite product is from a brand I'm not quite familiar with and has a name that reminds me of an elephant in a green suit sporting a crown in a television series from my childhood. Fine ... I know that the elephant's name is Babar and it's worlds different from Babor and that its sacrilege to some that I compared this luxurious brand to an elephant ... but then I really can't help it. If you're a seventies child growing up in the eighties and watch a lot of television during meals like I did, you tell me if the name Babar didn't pop up like a light bulb switched on when you saw the name Babor - I dare you.

Anyhow, packaged in two little gold boxes is Babor's HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream and the HSR Lifting Extra Firming Eye Cream. I gave the duo a run last night and I quite like the texture. It's light and subtlety scented but it's a tad too moisturizing to use during the day as it tends to leave a tacky feel to my skin even after half an hour so. I think I'll save these for night use. So far, I am liking the next-day results.

A girl can also never have enough liquid foundation so I was quite happy to receive Max Factor's new Ageless Elixir 2-in-1 Serum + Foundation. It came in five sets of 40 Light Ivory and 50 Natural. I am currently matched to shade 2.0 for Urban Decay's Naked Foundation. Upon application, 40 Light Ivory seemed to match my skin tone perfectly but unfortunately about half an hour or so, it oxidized a shade too dark. So, I'm spending my day in the office today with my head seemingly detached from the rest of my body neck down. Oh well, at least my face is not itching or breaking out in rashes. I quite like the texture and finishing though ... perhaps another shade lighter might have done the trick for me.

Yves Rocher is also another brand I've heard of but have not tried. In this edition of Thelilacbox, the guys included a very nice sized bottle of Rose Fraîche Gel Douche or the Fresh Rose Shower Gel. I love the smell of roses and I've tried shower gels from L'Occitane's Rose 4 Reines, Crabtree & Evelyn's Evelyn Rose and Crabtree & Evelyn's Rosewater and none of them smells like how fresh roses do ... there's always another scent to its top, middle or base notes but this actually smells as a rose should. It's amazing scent wise and I absolutely love it! Oh, there was a price tag on this bottle and 200 ml retails for RM39 - score!

And finally, there's is Payot's Pâte Grise duo of the Spéciale 5 Drying & Purifying Gel and the Pâte Grise Purifying Care. Some hail the best-selling duo from Payot as the secret to flawless skin - overnight. My only complain is that the samples for this duo came in two tiny sachets  I'm saving them for when my skin breaks out, which should be soon given that "report season a dateline of yesterday" is just around the corner - I just wished there was more to try out.

So there you have it. The third edition of Thelilacbox, which is a hit for me personally yet again with the exception of the lace {sorry guys, it just ain't working for me}. I've subscribed to this beauty box since the beginning and so far it's been pretty good. I'm definitely looking forward to the fourth edition.