May 11, 2013

vanity trove may edition: awesome wholesome

Valerie from VanityTrove Malaysia contacted me last month asking if I was interested in giving their beauty box a go. There have been mixed reviews about this beauty box and I was curious so I gave a thumbs up to Valerie and before I knew it, the May edition landed on my desk in a clean, classy beautiful packaging - sans the courier envelope that is.
Let's dig in, shall we? I'll start with the packaging - I love that it comes wrapped up in a protective plastic wrap and that it's in a pull-out drawer box. Waste not, want not ... it's perfect for a few DIY ideas I have.

A lot of reviews I sifted through mentioned that the first thing that hits your senses when you remove the protective plastic wrap around the VanityTrove beauty box would be the scent that eminates from it. Some say it's deliberate while others say it's because there's a fragranced product in the box. But for whatever intent and purposes, it's really nice to be greeted with a calming aromatic scent when unwrapping and in this particular edition, it was the calm and relaxing subtle scent of lavenders - a very nice touch which I totally appreciate after a long, long week.

This month's VanityTrove Malaysia's theme is titled "Awesome Wholesome" which was designed around a very vintage almost mono-chromatic scheme. Since I'm into vintage right now, I love the vibe that the card gives out.

My only "huh?!" moment with the packaging would be the bright orange-magenta tissue wrapper. I get that it complements the colours of the box but I was kind of expecting calmer colours to go with the lavender scent that greeted me ... or perhaps a serene green to blend with the "wholesome" theme happening this month.
First impression when I read the welcome/introduction card ... I'm thinking a box full of organic goodies. Then glancing further down to the right of the card, I'm thinking, "Wow! Eight products?!". Then as I dug through the box, I only counted five so I go, "Wait, a minute ..." before going through the card again. At the bottom right side in semi-fine print, I note that subcribers will either get the Eau Thermale Avéne OR the Gentle Gel Cleanser + Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50 + Hydrance Optimale Light. I didn't have my glasses on so totally my bad.
Ok. The unboxing - the first thing that caught my attention was a 50 ml bottle of Eau Thermale Avéne - the biggest item inside the box. I purchased a 150 ml bottle for use many, many moons ago and was quite indifferent towards it. Perhaps it was because I was in my early twenties and my skin was in a much, much better place than it is now. Well, no harm in trying this again now that I'm in my thirties - perhaps my skin might grow to like it.
Next, Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural Shine Serum. Hmm ... I've not had very good experiences with hair serums in generally and also with the Schwarzkopf brand. I am slightly iffy about using this but I figured no harm in trying. It can only go two ways - I'll either love it and both hair serums and the Schwarzkopf name can redeem itself in my book OR I'll hate it and add another minus point to them both.
Right, soldering on ... a 1.5 ml bottle of Heaven On Earth's Lavender essential oil. This is my favourite item in the entire lineup even though it is only 1.5 ml. I didn't include the photo for this because the essential oil leaked a tad and while attempting to wipe it off the label, the ink smudged and didn't make for a pretty photo.

Moving along, there's a travel sized bottle of Pure South's Fresh Goat's Milk organic body lotion with Rose Blossom & Rosela from Skinlab. Just by description alone, I'm not quite sure how fresh goat's milk will blend with roses ... the thought of a dairy-floral mix doesn't quite settle well with me, especially if there's a possibility that it'll smell like a mamak's "teh ros". So far, the initial test dab isn't too bad but I post mortem this later.
Finally, Tilley's Goat Milk Soap also from Skinlab. This soap has a very subtle scent to it. To be honest, I'm not a soap kinda gal when it comes to shower sessions but I think the husband might benefit more from this than I do since he doesn't do much for his skin, given that all men are just being - a typical man.
I won't be breaking the products in this box down by pricing simply because we all know it's definitely a big Darwin-like proportions bang for your buck - the price of the products included in here is most definitely much higher than the subscription fee, which is the absolute lure of all beauty boxes even when sample sizes are included.

Overall, I'd give the May edition VanityTrove Malaysia a thumbs up just for going green. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get and just simply taking the time to introduce organic products and educating us about its natural goodness goes well in my books.

Personally though, I'd only give a half-thumbs up because I was looking forward to feed my vanity with tons beauty products like makeup, nail wraps - the works but I guess there's always the June edition to look forward to.
The question remains though ... would I subcribe to VanityTrove Malaysia? At the point of time, it gets a nod from me but it's not a resoundingly firm one if I were to base it just on this one box alone because for RM50/month, I would have preferred one or two extra products inside and this particular one just felt a little tad empty. But in all fairness, this is only ONE box and like the gorgeous mama at The Missus Blog ... I think VanityTrove Malaysia deserves a three month trial starting June to see how they really do fare.

The June edition of VanityTrove Malaysia is themed "Obsessive Beauty" and I have to admit, I am most curious about what's in offer. If you are just as curious as I am, click { here } to subscribe and I'd love to hear what you think of it!
Thanks again, Valerie for this opportunity!
Looking forward to seeing what you have in-store for us in June.