May 16, 2013

phyto's phytodéfrisant botanical relaxing balm vs the distant cousin of the ends of a witches' broom

I have crazy hair. On most days, it's an understatement. If I have to describe how my hair texture is, I'll most likely say that its like "chicken coop wire and grows like Mufasa's mane" ... no, I'm not being dramatic here because you ain't see me in the mornings - my hair is scarier than me eye bags and that's the truth.

When I take a photo, you will most likely than not find me partially hidden behind an object or a human. If I can't, then I will be sporting what I call the "auntie hair bun". I don't like the "auntie bun" because tying my hair up draws way too much attention to my face which is the size of the Australasian continent - I love you to bits, dad but the big face thing happening on my nogging is totally from your side of the family. Oh well, at least people can't say I'm not my daddy's girl. LOL!

I've always had long hair until I got married and suffered from the "let's chop it all off" syndrome the next day. That was five years ago and it's been a painful five year journey growing my hair to the length it is now. But in that time, my hair grew an attitude of its own - it got coarser and frizzier. It's probably my fault that it turned out that way because after lil' Ee, time was not on my side and after lil' Kai - well, you get the picture.

Getting ready for work in the morning meant spending more time ironing my hair into place with a ceramic straightening iron than on my make-up. Even then, once I step out of my air-conditioned room into the humid morning air, all manner of frizz breaks loose on my noggin' - absolute frustration!

Earlier this week, I got a chance to try Phyto's Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm made available in the third edition of Thelilacbox.

The Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm is a non-chemical straightening balm and is suitable for daily use. It's formula is plant-based and it claims to hydrate with plant mucilage, soften with chamomile and finally relaxes and protect unruly hair with ferula, horseradish & sage. This formula is also paraben and sulfate free plus it's not tested on animals, which means it's as green as it's ever going to get.

Instructions are simple enough which this time-challenged mama is absolutely thankful for. All I had to do was apply the balm onto damp hair then comb through to distribute it evenly. Since the product is heat activated, I picked up my trusty hairdryer and dried my hair like I normally do. I don't do fancy smancy brush actions when I blow dry my hair - most of the time I just my fingers ... that's how simple this product is to use.

In the four days that I've used the relaxing balm, I've started liking my hair a little more than I did the day before. It's not all glossy and smooth like hair you see in shampoo adverts but my hair is definitely less frizzier and much more manageable.

Apparently the "straightening effect" is cummulative too with continued use but for now, I'm just happy to actually have hair that doesn't look like it's related to the ends of a witches' broom.

The final verdict: I absolutely love Phyto's Phytodéfrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm and yes, I will get a full size tube when I run out not only because it works for me but also because it's green and environmentally friendly.

However on all good things that actually work, the price tag doesn't come small; a 100 ml tube from Zalora will set you back RM90. But for a thirty-something gal with hair that is likened to "chicken coop wire and grows like Mufasa's mane", I think it's worth the investment ... for now until something better comes along.