May 27, 2013

lil' ee's very hutos birthday - the practise rainbow cake

Practise makes perfect - I'm not sure who coined the term but the one thing I do know is that when it comes to cakes, practise makes sure I don't serve rocks to my guests.

Which is the reason why I spent last weekend baking this ... it's suppose to be seven tiers in the colours of the rainbow with frosting in between. But then this mama got lazy, so the family ended up with a mashed-up four colour butter cake with buttercream frosting on the outside instead.

Fortunately, the family loved it ... phew! It also means the family won't have a endure another guinea pig session and risk turning sick at the sight of cake by the time I get around to make the actual cake for lil' Ee in July.

I sort of cheated with the recipe. The husband and I agreed that since lil' Ee's birthday party was going to be a small gathering of family, there wasn't any point for me to "kill myself" over the perfect butter cake recipe so a box {or two} of good ol' cake mix from the supermarket will have to do. The frosting however is from scratch and it was a recipe that I had to "figure out" since the one I used for lil' Ee's birthday cupcake last year was diabetes inducing. I still haven't gotten it down pat, yet but hopefully when I do I'll do a post on it.

The cake toppers were from an experiment I worked on last week - lil' Ee already saw them so it was difficult hiding it from her. I figured I might as well use them for this cake just to make her day.

Other than that, I'm almost done designing the party decor and hope to do a post on it soon because I redesigned the entire thing {again}. It's what happens when you research way too much online ... dang you Pinterest!