May 20, 2013

lil' ee's very hutos birthday - DIY part I

When it comes to favourite things, kids will have their phases especially on birthdays and trust me ... they get more challenging by the year.

For example, when lil' Ee turned one, she was in a bunny rabbit phase so we got her an ice-cream cake from Baskins n' Robbins ... easy peasy. When she turned two, she was in a ladybug phase so we got her a cake shaped like a ladybug from Secret Recipe ... slightly challenging because they needed a seven day in advance reservation period and we "just" made it. Then when she turned three, she was in an Angry Birds phase and that's where my headache started.

If you follow me on my blog, you will know by now that I am slightly OCD in certain things - design is one of them. When lil' Ee wanted an Angry Birds cake, my job was cut out for me because it is not easy finding someone who baked great cakes and designed equally impressive fondant figurines in Ipoh. We finally found someone but she had si much orders on hand, the cake and design was just slightly above average.

Lil' Ee will be turning four soon and this year, she wants this bunch for her birthday party ...

Meet the Korean equivalent of Teletubbies, just less annoying in my opinion. At least they don't go, "Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! ... Oh oh!" and repeat half a dozen times {rolls eyes}.

The Hutos gang features the very curious Nado; his DIY savvy older brother Moya and their friends, the creative Ara; lovable and caring Joa and Siro who looks tough on the outside but is really a softie on the inside. I know this because lil' Ee watches this all the time on her iPad ... all twelve episodes in the nine seasons it has out in the Apple Apps Store, you do the maths.

Here's a little preview ...

Since I have a little over two months to prepare, I figured I'll plan a surprise DIY birthday tea party for my little girl ... from the invitations, the decor to the cupcakes and cake.

I've started designing the invitation this week and the cupcake topper printables too. I'll be working on the cupcake wrappers, pendant banners, "Thank You" goodie bags and tags later this week.

Sorry I can't provide a download for the printables because I sourced all the graphics from various websites and I just feel it's unfair to distribute their work, even if its for personal use :-(

I'll be in KL this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to find the time to get some Fimo or Sculpey clay. Do check back on me now and then, if you're curious how this little project of mine turns out. Till then, as lil' Ee always says ... "have a happy, happy day!"