April 11, 2013

viktor & rolf flowerbomb

Viktor&Rolf's "Flowerbomb" is a fragrance that you either love or hate; it's hard to stand in between the two on this one. When my mom gave me a budget to get whatever I wanted from Sephora US {she's super strict with me when I was kid but spoils me when I'm a full grown adult with two kids of my own ... *rolls eyes*}, this fragrance was on the top of my list but with a price tag starting from USD$50 for a 0.68 oz bottle, I held back a little. I didn't want a rollerball either because it just isn't "Flowerbomb" without the bottle.

Fortunately, Sephora US also exclusively stocks the "Flowerbomb" Travel Duo which consists of a 0.25 oz eau de parfum bottle shaped like the original hand grenade, a 0.5 oz eau de parfum refill and a funnel for USD $35 - score!

If you're asking what the hype is about this miniature bottle shaped like a hand grenade, well ... it's the scent itself. I've been going on and on about how much I like unique scents and "Flowerbomb" is quite unique, probably because it has a gourmand or edible/dessert-like quality to it.

With TOP NOTES of bergamot and green teaMIDDLE NOTES of rich and feminine sambac jasmine, seductive centifolia rose, freesia & cattleya and BASE NOTES of musk and patchouli, "Flowerbomb" is essentially an oriental floral gourmand fragrance.

"Flowerbomb" is Viktor&Rolf's first fragrance and was released in collaboration with L'Oreal in 2005. However, there was a bit of controversy about the it because apparently, the "juice" that would come to be known as "Flowerbomb" was first created by L'Oreal in response to a brief given by another perfume house. After the initial perfume house rejected the proposal, L'Oreal sat on it for three years before Viktor&Rolf chose it for Flowerbomb.

Talk of the designers having creative input into the actual fragrance were therefore, nothing more than marketing hype. "Flowerbomb" was L'Oreal's first collaboration with a fashion designer for seventeen years, when they worked with Giorgio Armani. Although they had no creative input into the composition of fragrance itself, Viktor&Rolf invented the name and were given creative freedom to design the grenade shaped bottle and gift wrap printed packaging.

"Flowerbomb"’s official launch coincided with the collection of the same name (Spring/Summer 2005). Several variations of the fragrance and packaging have been released since including a lighter summer version and "Flowerbomb Extreme". "Petite Flowerbomb", a travel sized version was released 2009.

"Flowerbomb" has been compared to Thierry Mugler's "Angel" which I have tested in Sephora Starhill, KL but didn't like it at all because it was just too cloyingly sweet to a point of a thump-thumping headache. "Flowerbomb" on the other hand, although sweet but is still less in-your-face.

I expected an explosion of different florals because of its name sake but then the scent that greeted me was truly unique. At first, I could pick up the sweet heady notes of roses and jasmine mixed with musk but then as it mellowed out hints of sweet decadence and spiced herbs start to surface ... like vanilla and rosemary which I know isn't in there but it sure does smell like it.

All in all, it is a unique scent but because it is essentially an oriental floral and gourmand fragrance, some might find it heady although oddly enough I did not. It is price-wise quite high and I don't think it's available in Malaysia ... but I might be wrong. However, if you do get a chance to sample this do give it a whiff because it really is a unique scent.