April 15, 2013

twine-ing the night away

I've pinned a lot of DIYs for my "Making Our House into a Home" project on Pinterest but time hasn't been very coorperative with me until last night when the kids fell asleep and I had to wait for my bread to bake {I finally got me a breadmaker}.

I was {and still am} down with the flu and my brain cells wasn't firing too well so I decided to DIY something easy for our huge and quite bare Ikea shelf next to my make-shift computer & crafts table in the living room - twined bottles, since they are all the rage now on Pinterest.

We have quite a bit of empty wine bottles courtesy of the husband's annual overseas trip which are normally emptied during Chinese New Year dinners. Some were coloured but a majority of them were clear and honestly, quite boring. So when I was at Mr. DIY last week, I picked up two balls of twine {it was all they had left}, a glue gun and started twine-ing away.

It's simple really. Just dot the bottle with hot glue, position the twine and wait for the glue to set and continue twirling around the bottle with the occasional dot of hot glue until the bottle is covered. See ... easy peasy and you'll be left with one Pottery Barn inspired home decor at the fraction of the price. Just be care not to get in contact with the glue - there's a reason why it's called "hot glue".

Now with that done ... I'm moving on to my next project - covering my downright U.G.L.Y laundry basket with fabric but I shall leave that for another post. I hope you've been inspired!