April 23, 2013

see by chloé

Launched in February 2012, SeeByChloé is Chloé's new fragrance and is targetted at the eighteen to thirty years young audience with a "mischievious, rock-and-roll edge". I don't know about you but as a thirty-something, my rock-and-roll ship has long sailed and is probably beached on the shores of Timbuktu by now. When you have two kids plus the husband and a full time job, being mischievious is just too exhausting.

So, does wearing SeeByChloé as a fragrance work in conjuring up such an image by scent alone when I am downright lazy physically and mentally to be mischievious, a bit too horizontal width-wise to pull off the roll-and-roll leather jacket look and will not wear pink just to appear edgy at thirty-something? The last time I checked - NOPE ... although I do like the fragrance as a fragrance alone - full stop with nothing more to it.

SeeByChloé is packaged in an audacious pink glossy box and created by perfumer Michel Almairac who also created my other favourite perfume - Anna Sui Secret Wish, SeeByChloé is an energetically urban yet playful floral-fruity feminine fragrance that takes on a surprising twist in its notes. It also claims to "embody feminity while blending masculine codes in a urban-chic way" - whatever that means.

All I know is that I received a 12ml sample vile from online Sephora US; an indulgent haul courtesy of my mom and I quite enjoy the fragrance as a daytime scent. It works well in the office environment too since it has garnered quite a few "I love the perfume you're wearing! What is it?" statements.
The composition opens with TOP NOTES of bergamot and crisp apple blossoms which then melds into a floral MIDDLE NOTE medly of jasmine and ylang ylang. The BASE NOTE has in it my favourite scent - vanilla but it also comes with a hint of sandalwood.

Now that we've covered the fancy shmancy description ala professional perfumer style, I'll try to describe the scent in more simple to understand everyday terms ala my style - without the need for more coffee.

First whiff off the vial, the words "soft, not cloyingly sweet and refreshing with a milky bitter twist" comes to mind. Then spritzed on skin, the tart and crisp smell of apples and sweet ylang ylang came through pretty strong - it sort of smells like slicing a ripe refrigerated apple down the center then adding a small drop of "Palmolive Aroma Shower Gel with Lavendar, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli" right on the core then taking a sniff of it. It's a weird way to describe the scent but it's the first thing I thought of, except SeeByChloé's version is much better and refined.

After a few minutes, the jasmine came through and lingered quite a while on my skin before melding into a soft warm vanilla note with a hint of sweetness without being cloying, slightly spicy without chocking up the nostrils and then that unique milky bitter twist that I just cannot quite describe. Some of my guinea pigs girlfriends were not able to pick up that milky bitterness while others could pick it up immediately - I suppose it all boils down to skin chemistry.

Packaging wise, SeeByChloé comes in a multi-faceted bottle with a silver ring, glass pleats with three very adorable little feet at its base which reminds me of a vintage bird cage; definitely a nice addition to your dresser - I read the 30 ml bottle is especially cute. The words SeeByChloé are also emblazoned across the cap base in hot fuschia.

Now, how a vintage glass birdcage with hot pink words on it tie up with a "mischievious rocker chic" chick is quite beyond me - but since I like the fragrance so I'll just leave it as it is.

{ image credit from jm!: SeeByChloe Fragrance Launch }

Thelilacbox is running a series of SeeByChloé tease-post on their Facebook page where they will be posting four videos for SeeByChloé. Watch it all and at the end of the four videos, they have a little suprise in store ... and when they say "little surprise", it usually is a jaw-dropping "big surprise". Head on over to their page, like them and stay tuned!