April 10, 2013

lil' ee's first handwritten letter

When I was a mini me donkey years ago, cute stationary sets such as these cost a bomb or maybe it felt like it cost a bomb because I was on an weekly allowance therefore budget-less for all things cute. My parents are very practical folks so when it came to stationary, cute over functionality was an absolute no-no.

However, it's a completely different story altogether with lil' Ee ... this mama seems to be on a mission to give her kids what she didn't have even when they didn't ask for them and with Mr. DIY sprouting up everywhere in Ipoh {and I mean everywhere}, I tend to overindulge in cute stationary sets. It's hard to resist when they are only RM1.80 per set!

The husband thinks I'm making catching up with my childhood deprivation of kawaiiness at thirty something. He's probably right but then you never know when they might come in handy and they did - on Monday night. Lil' Ee told me her cousin wasn't feeling well so I suggested she write a "Get Well Soon" letter to her and that she could use mama's "cute papers", as she calls them. Her face lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July.

Granted lil' Ee is only almost four, she has been hard at work learning how to write {in caps for now}. All I did was give her colourful pens, spelled out the alphabets and waited for her to write them. Here's her masterpiece ... her very first handwritten letter.

Yep. We have a very proud mama in the house!