April 27, 2013

humbugs from crabtree & evelyn, striped at that too

Yesterday started off with the usual; rush for work in the morning ... rush for report completion in the office. Basically, my weekdays are filled with a rush for rushes so naturally I was looking forward to a few hours of peace and quiet on my own until the kids came home. The in-laws were going to drop the kids home later in the evening so I figured I'd go get me some RnR.

The gods must have been in a cheeky mood yesterday evening because of all the days they could have picked, they had to pick the one day I get some time off to have my car battery sputter and keel over. Le sigh.

Fortunately, this mademoiselle in détresse had a little over half a dozen heroes from AEON security help get me out of the pickle. It really wasn't necessary to have so many guys help jump start my car but then it was still nice to not have to worry about getting my hands dirty.

WORD TO THE WISE ... a  mademoiselle should always have a pair of jumper cables, a bottle of battery water and a bottle of plain water in the car, even if your car is brand spanking new. You never know when the gods might decide to be cheeky with you.

Anyhow ... after all that drama, I got home safe and sound; swayed lil' Kai to dreamland and opened my little bag from Crabtree & Evelyn - a prezzie from a colleague.

Inside was a limited edition notebook from their current Lavendar promotion, a jar of striped humbugs and two sample packettes from the Citron, Honey & Coriander and the Tarroco Orange range - thank you, Jo! 

According to Wikipedia, humbugs are a traditional hard boiled sweet available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They are usually flavoured with peppermint and striped in two different colours, often black and white although mine came in glossy white and burgundy stripes.

Continuing from Wiki, humbugs are also typically cylindrical in shape with rounded ends wrapped in a twist of cellophane or else pinched cylinders with a 90-degree turn between one end and the other - shaped like a pyramid with rounded edges, loose in a bag although mine came in a fancy smancy glass bottle with a gold cap ... very vintage. Love.

The name of the sweet however, is not related to the phrase "Bah, humbug!" derived from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". That expression implies a general dissatisfaction with the Christmas season. However, offering humbugs around Christmas time is now seen by some as humorous or ironic and was featured in an episode of Blackadder in this manner. While awaiting the appearance of a villain in "The Six Napoleans" episode of "The Return of Sherlock Holmes" series, Jeremy Brett as Holmes admonishes Edward Hardwicke's Dr. Watson, while offering Colin Jeavon's Inspector Lestrade one of these sweets with, "Watson, this is no time for humbugs!"

Other than my deliciously striped humbugs which, incidentally isn't loaded with sugary-sweet-diabetes-inducing-sugar and comes with a chewy butter-mint center, there's also a gorgeous limited edition hardcover notebook which I doubt I would ever use; not scented. I still have a letter and card set with a similar lavender design I got on sale and that was five years ago! They are just too pretty to use and the fact that they are limited edition makes it even harder to crack open.

Crabtree & Evelyn sure do know the meaning of indulgence when they printed EXPLORE OUR WORLD OF TRUE INDULGENCE on the cover of their notebook. If you would like to indulge in some indulgence, do check out Crabtree & Evelyn's latest promotion in-store

Have a happy indulgent filled weekend!