April 25, 2013

contact information for children in case they get lost

Both my kids are born with an innate sense of utter curiosity. I suppose it's a good thing but sometimes when they wander off exploring, it's then not a good thing especially in today's society.

Which is why whenever I dress lil' Ee for an outing I will slip a piece of paper with our contact details into her pocket or if she's wearing clothing without pockets, I'll paste the information either on the hem of whatever she's wearing all the while telling her what I'm doing. I did this when we toured the States back in 2010 and decided it's best to start again now ... better be prepared then be sorry, right?

This is what I tell her every single time, like a broken-down tape recorder ...
If you get lost and cannot find mama, put your hands in your pocket and give this piece of paper to an aunty or a jie jie. If you have no pockets, then turn the side of your tee-shirt or your dress and pull out the sticker and give the sticker to an aunty or jie jie. Tell the aunty or jie jie to call mama and mama will come find you. Ok?
I balled my eyes out the first time I taught her where to find the paper. It got a little easier after the thirtieth time or so but I still get teary-eyed.  She now knows what I'm going to do and is able to repeat after me but I still do it all the same - a mama's got to do what a mama's got to do.

I've also started pasting the paper on the hem of lil' Kai's tee or onesies when we go out. I do however dread the moment when I have to start teaching the same to lil' Kai. The mental image and tge thought of losing my chubby cheeks ... it's just too hard to process.

Anyhow, I found these pretty auto-fill labels which you can download for free from World Label. I figured if I have to do something so downright depressing, I might as well add some colour to it.

The pattern I used for Adrianna can be downloaded here and the pattern I used for Ethan can be found here. I chose to include my child's name, both mine and their grandpa's cell phone because we always have our cell phones next to us. I also included my in-law's house address plus their home telephone number because I know there will always be someone home.

To create something similar for your children, fill in your required information - you will need to change the size of the font if you're adding more than 3 lines - just press CONTROL+E in Adobe Reader, print onto normal A4 or sticker paper and cut according to shape. Just remember to remove it before throwing it into wash, especially if you're using an inkjet printer.

Another option is to laminate the cut-out A4 or print directly onto fabric and pin it onto the hem with a safety pin so you can reuse them. I suppose until I learn to print on fabric, for now I think I'll do it the old-fashioned way.

Be safe!